Sonos app often shuts down on remote devices

  • 29 January 2017
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I have Play One's throughout a 2,000 sq ft one level ranch house (3 bedrooms, kitchen. living, office 6 total), a capable TPLink Archer C9 Router, with a Sonos Boost wired into that. I have iphones in each bedroom and an iPad in the Kitchen as remote devices, with only the Sonos app running on all of them. I'd like the Sonos app to always stay displayed on these remote devices if the device is not put to sleep. However, very often the Sonos app will shut down then the Sonos icon needs to be reselected. The Sonos music service does not stop, (Amazon or Apple), just the Sonos app and display goes away. Does anyone have any ideas on why this may be happening? How to troubleshoot and diagnose? Or what further info is needed?

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2 replies

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Hi RCB11, I think what you're looking for here is not possible using iOS. There are limits in the operating system which stop apps taking exclusive control of the device. The best solution might be to use Android devices, which are a bit more open and allow this kind of thing. Here is an example of an app you can use to set Sonos to always run.
Thank you Tom, very helpful and insightful. I'd be interested any updates that might help with this iOS issue in the future. Love Sonos, and looking to add more in the future.