SONOS App Is Sadly Crappy

  • 31 August 2017
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Sonos spent so much time making the speakers look good but then force us to use a really crappy app on our iPhones, macs and PCs. its layout is terrible, its clunky, it looks like windows '98 has returned from the dead. Sadly I've become accustomed to it but compared to every other music app/service this just doesn't make sense. Specifically finding albums from artists and getting good results from a search. For example search say Drake, what do you get a nonsensical list of i don't know... singles, albums. Drakes latest album, More Life is all the way at the bottom. Its not alphabetical, its not by release (i don't think), its not by album. I don't know how its sorting. Thing is if you know an artist well you probably find what you want but if your stuck on an album name or the name of a song good luck.

1. How about a "sort by" option! sort by name, release date, A-Z, Z-A etc!
2. make searches more powerful and return results that are close to what I typed in.
3. display music services at all times instead making us drill down to a song or album the hit the back button 5 times to get back to the other music services... just add another column (for mac or PC) or display the music services horizontally along the top under the Playbuttons and reduce to two larger columns.
4.maybe use that extra space to display the album art more prominently

I could go on for days how i think the interface could be so much better.



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2 replies

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Search the Windows Store for alternate Sonos apps (eg ours). Search the Apple store for alternate apps too (eg SonoPad). Mind you for #3 the PC app has a Music button which jumps you back to the top of the hierarchy.
Hi bgamboa and controlav, sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for the feedback. We're happy to pass your suggestions up to the team for consideration. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.