Sonos App Greyed out, Can't connect to my Sonos 1

I have a Sonos Play 1 which I control on my network with my Android phone.

Sonos App is 11.1 which I think is the latest version

Android is 9

Sonos 1 is: Play 1

There are no network changes.


I lost connection to it recently.

I notice in the Sonos App that a number of options are greyed out. These include



Services and Voice

Which means I can't even log in or out.


I reinstalled the I Controller App and factory reset the speaker. When I tried to connect the speaker it wasn't found.

I connected via Ethernet and managed to get it to work with my phone.

However, when I pulled the Ethernet cable out, the speaker was disconnected again and the app greyed out again.


There is also a message across the top of the app which says:

"Unable to connect to Sonos Fixit"


What on earth is happening? 


Best answer by meld51 11 May 2020, 12:47

Well I made it work, not sure how. I reset my router, maybe that did it but I’m not sure…


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Hi. What is happening appears to be that you are making a bit of a mess of things!

You had probably only updated the app or the system rather than both.

But the real mistake was the factory reset. Is this your only Sonos speaker? 

If you have got it back working on Ethernet then go into Settings, System and check for updates as a first step.

Then in the Network settings tap Wireless Setup and follow the prompts.

Thanks, This doesn’t work.

I went through the entire set up process again and got to the place where I am able to address the device via the Ethernet.  At this point you can do the wireless set up, which went OK.

Checked for updates. “No update required”

Also checked the various system parameters:

App Version 11.1


WM 0

Sonos ID 117487126

Build 56076060



Anyhow. I pulled the Ethernet cable out and it can't be seen over the wireless.

I looked at the connected devices on my router and it is not there!


So still unable to access via WIFI


Well I made it work, not sure how. I reset my router, maybe that did it but I’m not sure…


I am having the same issue. Setup works but then options are greyed out and no wifi. 

Same Issue here, this is absolutely unacceptable!!!

Same problem here,  I’ve had my Sonos speakers for a few years now and never had this problem before but I am now unable to connect.   I have manage to get connected again by unplugging the speakers and re plugging them but they eventually end up the same with the app not finding them and me having to unplug and replug them to use the system.  What a pain!!





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Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community, We appreciate your time and effort in posting your concern here in our community.

Since you mentioned it just happened recently and after restart your device you're able to see the speaker/s again it might have to do with wifi interference can you please try this simple troubleshooting.

I’d also be tempted to do a network refresh, by unplugging all Sonos devices, then rebooting the router. When the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices. 

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

Hi Mark. 

Unpluging and plugging back in is what I do now to the Sonos speakers.  That seems to work however  I don’t think it is reasonable to have to do that everytime I want to listen to my system.   

thanks for your input.   


Most likely the reason is your wifi network and not Sonos. Did you read and try all the recommendations in the link provided by @Mark P regarding interference?

Also, to refresh your network you should do it as described by Mark P, i.e. both router and Sonos and in the correct order.

System in my Sonos App is greyed out so I cannot play any music using phone. But It works when I use my PC? Please advise?

It’s possible that one of the two controllers and speakers have been updated, and the one that is showing grayed out op has not been. Worth double checking from that controller for updates.