sonos app doesnt show any products but abke to olay music through music apps

Ok, in theory I love Sonos but in practice hate it. I am unable to connect to any of my products (two ports and three amps) on the app but when I open Apple Music I can select any of the rooms I have set up and successfully stream music. Why won’t the app recognize any of my hardware that it previously would show on the app?  I use a Yamaha receiver. 


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Try unplugging all of your Sonos devices from power for about a minute and reboot your router and phone.

I’ve done that to no avail. I’ve exhausted most basic fixes (restarting router, restarting all products, etc)

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Have you tried resetting the app under App Preferences or deleting and reinstalling the app?

Yes. I appreciate your replies but when I say I’ve exhausted anything that is basic, I really mean it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and done all resetting of the Sonos hardware. I don’t understand why the hardware appears on third party apps (Spotify, Apple Music, sxm, etc) but not the app. I assure you that I’ve exhausted google as well and am using this forum as a last resort to make suggestions beyond the easy to solve solutions. 

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What router are you using? I’m assuming you have already tried directly connecting one of your Sonos devices to your router with an ethernet cable too? 

You should submit a diagnostic report:

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Maybe generate a Diagnostics report, note the number, and contact customer support to see if they can see any issues? 

With more folk working from home, there’s a lot more wifi traffic around us all. Have you tried a fixed channel on your router? 1, 6 and 11 are usually best.