Sonos App doesn't find existing system.

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I am so fed up with your buggy systems I can't even describe the level of frustration. I am using the latest version of the app on Android as of now and for no apparent reason the app does not recognize the set up system anymore (my wife's phone and app does and works no problem). I tried to reconnect to the system but says it doesn't find any devices on the network (which obviously isn't true - see screenshot)


I am sitting next to a Sonos One and following instructions on how to reconnect pressing button on the back - but no doesn't find the system sitting right next to it.


I don't want to go through the process of reinstalling the app and setting up the whole system again for the x time - it costs half an hour each time and at the price of your products we should be able to expect that you can employee at least one software engineer and one app developer that can create a better experience than a 10 year old hobby programmer with the attention span of a humming bird could.


Rant = off


Do you have any solutions to offer that are not requiring me to reset the system completely?


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Unable to connet to Sonos … this is sooooo annoying. Nearly every time I want to watch TV or listen to music same problem. The suggested solutions are really not customer friendly. Every time I should reset the router, unplug the Sonos speakers, search for equipment, etc etc 
I am pretty sure now I will receive a questions about my setup - it is simple, a simple WiFi router, no mesh, no nothing, And reading throught the list of complains, I would believe it is not an issue of the WiFi, but an issue with the Sonos software.
The Sonos app says “Unable to connect” while some (not all!) speakers are still visible in Apple Music. And that is the main issue and the main annoyance and frustration I experience. Totally unpredictable. sometimes it works, then it does not longer, then - without changing anything - all speakers are back again. Software is really terrible! And the suggested solutions are a total failure and not helpful.

I can assure you, the issue isn’t with the Sonos software. It is indeed an issue with the network you have. However, as you’ve expressed an unwillingness to accept solutions, I won’t offer any. 

Once you’ve decided that the issue cannot be [...] or must be [...] it is likely that you will be blindsided. Play the percentages, For this sort of issue the high percentage case you should investigate first is the network.

After going around in circles following the Sonos instructions numerous times without success, I finally removed the app completely from my wife’s phone. I then downloaded and reinstalled the app. It asked some new questions (specifically about access to Bluetooth) and then connected like a charm. Definitely a software problem, not a network problem.