Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen

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With version 8 everything was working normally even with airplay2 and airplay devices in the network.

So how about an option switch, to change the behavior to airplay 1 like it was in version 8 for all users with older devices and no need of airplay2.

I can't downgrade to Sonos 8 otherwise I would do that myself.
I believe I've read all the posts on here, but does anyone know if this lack of lock screen control with SONOS is due to them or to Apple?

It's not exactly a matter of blame type issue. I already explained the situation a couple posts above so I won't repeat the details again. But based on the situation, you could...

-blame Apple for not implementing a way for app developers to use the lock screen controls for home audio systems...pushing Sonos to develop a 'hack' way of getting around the limitation that is no longer fully sustainable after implementing airplay support. Of course wouldn't take any blame since they never supported the feature to begin with.

- blame Apple for introducing airplay 2 with the tech requirements and features it has.

- blame Sonos for developing the hack solution that wasn't sustainable. Should they have never given iOS users the lock screen controls to begin with? If they had never done it, no one be upset that it doesn't work in all scenarios anymore.

- blame Sonos for not just making this work. Forget about technical limitations and all that. Customers want the lock screen controls to work and therefore they should just work.

So just pick your favorite. There's a little truth to all of them, except maybe the last one. Personally, I can't point too much blame anywhere as they were all decent to good decisions at the time they were made.

As an aside, for those of you wishing to use your Apple Watch, you could always use the "Sonobit" widget (download from teh AppStore) which works in both iOS and WatchOS. Just a recommendation as a temporary workaround until these issues get resolved.

Thanks for the tip on SonoBit!!!

I agree with the group here in the general irritation at this update but, since we look to be out of luck...

This works especially well for Apple Watch and, all things considered, is a good replacement. Worth the $2.99 so far for the simplicity. Only drawback is the tapping for volume change rather than using the crown.

Thanks again!
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Spotify is a music service, not a home audio system. Not a parallel situation.

Understandable that you aren't a fan of airplay, but a ton of people do care. And has been explained several times, if you don't want to use airplay, turn it off and your lock screen controls for Sonos return.

Spotify is comparable as it’s app supports AirPlay, Spotify Connect, as well as Sonos, all with lock screen controls. The point is it can be done in iOS, as demonstrated by their app. I’m not comparing the service, just how they’ve implemented their app within iOS.

Also, as noted, many devices don’t support turning off AirPlay, like Yamaha receivers. So that is not an option. If you’re network savvy, and have the right equipment, you can put AirPlay devices like this on a separate subnet and block AirPlay from the subnet where Sonos is. This is what I’ve done. It works, but it’s a crappy solution.
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Not only is the lock screen disabled, but I can’t even play music from my phone’s iTunes library without it skipping to the next track every couple minutes.

Same here: exactly this problem since last update. Plays spotify OK but it will no longer play from iTunes library (.m4a files) held on a Windows PC. This has mean I can no longer use my large music collection, all of which is held on iTunes. That was the sole reason I bought Sonos in the first place. It's a complete disaster, yet despite many other people reporting this problem in other posts I have yet to see Sonos acknowledge that there is even a problem. It used to work (I have been using it without a single hitch for years) but now it doesn't.

SONOS, are you there?? Please acknowledge the issue and let everybody know when it will be fixed.

Note: I use Sonos net (Ethernet connection) -- there are definitely no network congestion issues so please Sonos do not even suggest that that might be the cause.
Shame on you Sonos! :@
You should have anticipated on the fact that a whole lot of Sonos users would be upset with this change. Acknowledge you made a huge mistake and come up with a switch (default: Airplay 2 support OFF - so lock controls work). You better respond fast with the promise to fix this within the next few weeks.

This works with my setup. Macs, IPads, Apple Watch, iPhone and 3 Airport Extremes.

1. Create a guest network.
2. Put all your devices that use airplay on the guest network.
3. Leave Sonos on your default network.
4. When need to stream to Airplay devices log in to guest network.

Have a nice day! 😃
That will teach Sonos to release a “hack” unsupported by Apple in order to provide functionality to iOS users. Given the number of complaints, and anger generated by the fact that Apple made a change that stopped the “hack” from continuing to work, Sonos would have been better off not releasing it until they could get official support for the process from Apple, which I suspect they’re still waiting on.

But they still use this "hack" as you can re-enable lock screen controls by disabling Airplay on all devices that support it. Then magically this "hack" works again! So it is not that they removed it from their software to be in line with Apple's policy.

And what we all request is simply to add a switch within the Sonos app to enable/disable Airplay2 for Sonos. It is really arrogant from Sonos to suggest disabling Airplay everywhere except the Sonos system itself. I was planning to add another Sonos speaker to my system, but after this I decided to hold on.
It may not be something that Apple would allow Sonos to do.

Or, it may, and Sonos is just arrogant, and doesn't want to listen to the feedback from their consumers. Who knows?
This is exactly why we shouldn't buy expensive hardware that relies on an App (and the ongoing goodwill, support and even existence of the owner/developer) to use it. Lesson learned!
You may have heard this already, but iOS does not natively provide a way to control devices on your home network from the lock screen in iOS, the controls are only available for audio being played on the device itself. Because of this, the Sonos implementation of lock screen controls was built in a way that's no longer viable and with the launch of AirPlay 2 on Sonos.

Well, how do Spotify do it? Using Spotify connect, Spotify plays through Sonos Speakers. And you get the lockscreen controls after the Sonos 9.0 upgrade and with airplay 2 devices, like apple TV gen 4, running. Spotify is NOT playing on the device itself. You can remove spotify from memory, take the iPod to another location, even destroy it if you want, and Spotify continues playing through the Sonos Speakers. So your statement "the controls are only available for audio being played on the device itself" is incorrect. If we can have the lockscreen control when using Spotify connect with airplay enabled devices on the network, then why we have it when using the Sonos app? Perhaps the Sonos developers should ask Spotify how they do it.

And Deezer. I could control Deezer from the lock screen, Apple Watch and still allow Airplay to be enabled on my Apple TV. I use a mix of Bluesound Nodes in the office and studio and Sonos in the house. I think I'll just move to Bluesound.

Just to add. I can also control my Bluesound Audio speakers from the lock screen, Apple Watch without having to disable Airplay on the Apple TV.
Even with a Sonos one in my setup i can’t do anything to have a control of Sonos out of the app. No lock screen or control panel possibilities... pffff. Just ridiculous as compared with Spotify handling on an IPhone ! Come on Sonos, bring us a real upgrade with IOS 12 please.
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Sonos Staff member Edward R. replied on this thread and gave us a glimmer of hope they are working on a fix...
This is just a crappy user experience. The beauty of having Sonos was that one did not have to be fumbling to control speakers. Just bought a HomePod and seriously considering just replacing all of my Sonos speakers with Apple HomePod: make calls, control Apple TV, listen to music - all from a control screen when the phone is locked. Not everyone is an Alexa user and not everyone wants Bezos listening in.
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Thanks Tom526. What I do not understand: Yes, I do have an apple TV, but I don't have a single AirPlay2 capable device in my household, so I'm gaining nothing, but I still see the loss of the functionality?

You can disable Airplay functionality if you don't need it, which should bring the controls back:
Are you planning on using airplay 2 anywhere in the house? If not, you can set things so that your lock screen controls will come back.

edit: Just realized I'm only repeating what's already been said. oops.
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This is a real shame, though I did just learn something I hadn't realized before: adjusting the volume also adjusted my phone's volume. I don't understand why that would be nor why we can't have this functionality AND AirPlay. I sure as heck don't want to disable all AirPlay throughout my house because we use it to show things on the TV.
Disabling my AirPlay1 devices is not a solution. I don't have AirPlay2 devices at home.

Currently the only solution is to downgrade to Sonos App 8.6.

Luckily, I did not update my Connect:Amp.
Reset controller in advanced settings in sonos app restores lock screen and hardware volume controls 😃
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Currently the only solution is to downgrade to Sonos App 8.6.

Is there an easy way to do this?
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So...question: Sonos has no lock screen controls. But Spotify still has lock screen controls. If I use Spotify to stream Spotify to Sonos, I have lock screen controls. If I use Sonos to stream Spotify to Sonos, I have no lock screen controls.

Why is there a difference between Spotify and Sonos now? Note: I'm pretty sure there's a reasonable explanation I just have no clue what it is.
I worked it out !
I simply unplugged the apple TV box that I never use anyway.
Then went to sonos app
More tab - settings - advanced settings
Then “Reset Controller”
The Lock screen now works again.

Hope this helps out others.

I didn't have to reset the controller! just closed the app and re opened.

thanks Adam!
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Thanks for sharing your feedback everyone, I'll make sure to pass it along to the right teams.

iOS does not natively provide a way to control devices on your home network from the lock screen in iOS, the controls are only available for audio being played on the device itself. The Sonos implementation of lock screen controls was built in a way that's no longer viable and with the launch of AirPlay 2 on Sonos, we made the decision to remove the functionality in households that use AirPlay.

I know that you'd love to see this brought back, and if turning off AirPlay on the non-Sonos devices in your home isn't an option, I understand that it's frustrating to lose the feature. I'll make sure to share what you're saying with the team.

Please remember to stay friendly with each other.
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Very unhappy 😞
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I was beaten up over my opinion of this when it leaked that this would be an issue.
Now, everyone is up in arms and Sonos basically says “it’s unfortunate” but insinuates “screw all of you.”
Jolly good!