Sonos and Tidal continually get out of sync!

  • 29 November 2021
  • 2 replies

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Every time I use the tidal application to synchronize with my Sonos system it constantly gets out of sync after some music. I then hear the music playing in the speaker of my smart phone. It is not a problem of wifi since all my sonos devices are connected with ethernet wires. In addition all my devices are 3rd generation Sonos. I never have a connection problem on any of my devices in the house, I never have an internet cut, I have an ultra-fast connection (400 mbps / s), I have a recent smart phone ( galaxy s20), I never have a synchronization problem with Tidal with any other device except with sonos. It started from day 1 (be since the purchase of sound systems in summer 2020). The Tidal app is up to date, my android phone is up to date, the sonos app is up to date. I contacted Tidal Tier 2 technical support and they told me that there is absolutely no problem on their side and that I should contact the Sonos team.

2 replies

I don't quite understand. Are you expecting a stream to your phone to stay in sync with a separate stream playing directly on your Sonos system? That's never going to happen. 

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Forget that ratty