Sonos and Synology Disk Station

  • 30 November 2014
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I try to setup my Synology DS412+ (DSM 5.1) as a music server for my Sonos system.

Could you please help me how do I have to setup my Synology for that?
Do I have to install some additional Software Packages? Like Media Server?
Is it a problem when the HDD's go on standby after 20 minutes?

Do you have written guidelines to setup the Synology with Sonos?

Thank you very much for your support

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9 replies

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It's absurdly simple, Sonos does not require any server software running on the NAS, all you need to do is share the location of the music on the NAS and then point Sonos to it. That's all.
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i have the same synology nas it work great
Nice NAS! Most of the lifting is at the synology end. You need to share the Music folder with everyone (or if you want to get funky set up a sonos account for that folder).

Then migrate all you music into that folder.

In the Sonos application \ Preferences \ Music Library \ Folders setting Add a music folder (you can have several). Select the NAS option. Enter the location. For me it's:
//ip address of the synology box/music

If the drives are asleep the Sonos might say something like "Not able to play XXXXX" the first time you press play. The next time you press play they'll be fine.

One thing: I just turfed two Seagate Barracuda 3TB (model ST3000DM001) drives that used to sleep; they failed in less than 3 years. They've since been replaced with WD Red NAS specific 6TB drives. I have replacement warranty & hammer my NAS but something for you to think about. Oh and the best part is with Synology Hybrid Array with one drive failure, it was a hot swap, repair overnight go! No loss of data / music.

Enjoy the tunes!
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I have DiskStation in my Sonos as well. It's working great.. For me it's // name of my nas

As simple as that.
Loving my Sonos!
If the OP has 4 bays he could have upto 24TB of space that the Sonos could be scanning during library update. Much cleaner to have it scan only the music folder.

I have DiskStation in my Sonos as well. It's working great.. For me it's // name of my nas

As simple as that.
Loving my Sonos!
Out of interest, to those who have got this working, is the Sonos on the same network as the NAS drive?

I am trying to get my Sonos to connect to my external NAS drive (in the office) and can't get it to connect.
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Using Windows shares over the internet unprotected is NOT a good idea securitywise and should not at all be done. Even if you could forward the needed ports correctly, this is a gaping security hole you would not like to open up.

There are several alternatives:
- Get a local NAS at home and create a sync job via FTP or SSH. Then you could use the SMB (Windows) share normally and have all your stuff available locally.
- Upload all your music to Google Music (50.000 files free) and set up Google Music as streaming service on your Sonos system. No costs with that and you can access your music also from the Google music web page via browser and via apps.
- Set up on your NAS, forward the port 1400 to the internet and add Subsonic as music service to Sonos. That way you are not limited to a max. number of files, do not have to upload anything and are able to play the music via browser and apps. You will need however, which costs the modest sum of 12$ / year.
- Set up a location to location VPN tunnel through which you could use SMB.
Here's how I did it step by step :

1) Use your browser and navigate to your NAS' web administration page http://[your NAS IP address]:5000

2) Open package manager and install the Media Server app

3) Use the Sonos app (i used the desktop app) to add a new music librairy. On the phone/tablet app it's in Settings > Manage Music Librairy > Music Librairy Setup > Add New Share

4) The system presents 3 fields, the first one being the location of the music folder. This is what you enter : \\[your NAS IP address]\\music

5) Enter the username and password of a user that has access to the music folder on your NAS.

6) Your Sonos system will tell you something is wrong, otherwise it'll start indexing your music (so it knows what songs it has access to).

This worked for me.

* If your music folder is in another folder, then what you input as the location of the is : \\[your NAS IP address]\[parentFolderName]\[childFolderName]\[musicFolderName]

Thank you
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2) Open package manager and install the Media Server app

The Media Server app is not neccessary for a SMB share. If a Synology owner wants to use the Media Server web interface AND have the same music in Sonos, then it makes sense as described.

The 65k song limit will be a limiting factor with this method however. To circumvent this, the Plex app in the Synology app store or a Subsonic Docker instance are necessary.