Sonos and Netgear Orbi

  • 21 May 2017
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Have just upgraded to Netgear Orbi having read its best reviews. Had not unfortunately appreciated the issues with Sonos some appear to be having. I have had sonos with one speaker wired and the other 3 wireless working perfectly for years.

Orbi working very well. However having left sonos wired (not directly into Orbi but directly via a wired extension from BT infininfty hub 6 which connects to the Orbi), i could not get any iPhone or ipad to log onto sonos as a controller - it saying that sonos was on a different network. I could however control sonos from my wired in Mac and that worked without interruption.

Seeing some solutions involved removing the wired Sonos connection, I removed the wired connection. I could then immediately connect the iPhone and iPads to the sonos. Excellent - until I get regular interruption almost like buffering where it disappears for a few seconds and then comes back.

Clearly I need the remote control of the sonos from the iPhone and ipad but I don't want the interruptions. Any thoughts.

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3 replies

Put the Orbi into bridge/AP mode.
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Thank you. Is this still with leaving the Sonos without any wired connection?. It is plugged into the BTHub 6 and I have turned off the wireless on the BT Hub
Wire the Sonos back to the BT Hub, as you had it before.

By default the Orbi is a router, which therefore splits your home network in two. In this mode controllers on the Orbi wireless would be unable to find Sonos players attached to the BT Hub.

Switching the Orbi to bridge/AP mode in effect makes it an extension of your Hub's network. Any device should be able to find any other device.