Sonos and HomePod latency issue with AirPlay 2

I was extremely excited to update my Sonos system today after I read that the new 9.0 update was bringing AirPlay to Sonos finally!

I currently own two Ones, two Play:1s, a Playbar, a Sub, and three HomePods. This update meant I could finally use my HomePods and Sonos system as one, cohesive experience.

It turned out that not only could I not use my Ones as rear channels for my Playbar/Sub (if I want AirPlay support), but for whatever reason, when I try and play music from Apple Music on my iPhone, my Sonos Speakers and Homepods refuse to stay in sync.

No matter what I do, the speakers only stay synced for 20-40 seconds before they start losing their place in the song. I’ll give it a few seconds to fix itself, but they refuse to stay synced together, with the speakers jumping all over the place. They’ll only stay synced if I stick to one speaker manufacturer at a time. (So only HomePod or only Sonos).

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in these speakers over the years, I only bought the Ones with the expectation that they would finally bridge the gap between Apple and Sonos with AirPlay 2, and so far the whole setup has been janky and half baked.

Anybody have any tips or recommendations on how to get these speakers to play nice?

Best answer by Keith N 19 April 2019, 19:54

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Did you read Jeff’s post above?

hm. ive read every post on here, cant find anyone who has the handle Jeff or who has signed off with Jeff. 

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There was an update just recently that has some improvements to AirPlay 2 on Sonos that’s used which should make the sync issues much better. So I’d say to start with, can you check for updates to make sure your system gets to version 10.6 and then test things out.

My apologies, it was Keith’s post, not Jeff’s. The Sonos employee. 

Yes. Did this solve the problem for any others? I have been back and forth with SONOS support and despite trying various channels and cutting out sources of interference to the point where my system is just a sonos product hard wired to a router i still get the signal cutting out and in. They tell me we are doing a process of elimination, but when the system is reduced to an apple computer, a home network and a sonos speaker the sonos speaker is cutting out. I’m not sure that I would call this airplay2 compatibility. by way of comparison, a yamaha AV receiver in the same system works seamlessly. 


My Sonos speakers used to lose sync all the time on Airplay2, But they were rock solid when playing via the Sonos app. I updated all speakers Friday and haven’t had a single sync problem all weekend, so I’m beginning to hope that it works now. 

I believe Sonos changed some code related to AirPlay 2 in the 10.6 release, I’m pleased you’re experiencing better performance.