Sonos and HomePod latency issue with AirPlay 2

I was extremely excited to update my Sonos system today after I read that the new 9.0 update was bringing AirPlay to Sonos finally!

I currently own two Ones, two Play:1s, a Playbar, a Sub, and three HomePods. This update meant I could finally use my HomePods and Sonos system as one, cohesive experience.

It turned out that not only could I not use my Ones as rear channels for my Playbar/Sub (if I want AirPlay support), but for whatever reason, when I try and play music from Apple Music on my iPhone, my Sonos Speakers and Homepods refuse to stay in sync.

No matter what I do, the speakers only stay synced for 20-40 seconds before they start losing their place in the song. I’ll give it a few seconds to fix itself, but they refuse to stay synced together, with the speakers jumping all over the place. They’ll only stay synced if I stick to one speaker manufacturer at a time. (So only HomePod or only Sonos).

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in these speakers over the years, I only bought the Ones with the expectation that they would finally bridge the gap between Apple and Sonos with AirPlay 2, and so far the whole setup has been janky and half baked.

Anybody have any tips or recommendations on how to get these speakers to play nice?

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It’s really creepy. At least 2secs of lag.

Don’t know who were the testers but they didn’t do a good job.

I am also very disappointed.
I have the same / similar issues - 4 x Sonos Ones in 3 rooms (2 as stereo pair, others as single speakers) plus playbar+Sub+2 x Sonos 1 as TV surround sound setup- Airplay to grouped speakers fails - long delay before some sound from one speaker for a few seconds, then another , then a delay - never really properly synchronises.
I do have a Boost in this setup and I would be interested if this is a supported setup or if Airplay only works with a native Wifi setup (Not using airplay works well with the boost) - note there is no other speaker in use in this config - purely a sonos setup - using iMAc or Ios phone as source.
Same problem here, big delay with sonos one, and apple tv
I noticed that when I was moving around in my space was when I noticed the most latency between the speakers. So I changed a couple things, I positioned a few of the antennas on my router towards the area where my speakers reside, and I changed to "Compressed" rather than "Uncompressed" for Compression settings in the advanced settings of the Sonos app. Not sure if the latter actually did anything, but I was trying to troubleshoot on my own, and those two things made a huge difference in the speakers cutting out.

Now they're not cutting out nearly as much when I walk around my place, and if they do lose their sync, it's only for a quick second, then it fixes itself.
Hello everybody, same problem here. I own 4 Sonos One (bought them, replacing some play:1, because I wanted full support on Airplay 2). There is latency even between the Sonos Ones. I used to play music using Spotify Connect, but it is not working for now (at least it was synced when it worked, before the last update). Now, if I use Airplay 2 to listen to music all over the house, it is a bit of a mess, because of the different sync in every Sonos One. Even if I try to watch a movie on Apple TV, the sound on Sonos is not synced and sometimes it loses the sound stream (never happened before). I hope they will solve all of this (I guess they have to strictly cooperate with Apple Airplay team). I wanted to buy a couple of Sonos Beam, but if this will be the situation in two months from now, I think I will replace the whole system with another one. By the way, I did the setting change suggested by eddieanthony (Compression activated) and it did reduce the problem (but did not solve it, still lagging). For now I will listen one Sonos One at a time...
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Hello everyone. Thanks for posting about this. The team is collecting as much information about this issue as possible to get started on an investigation. That being said, I recommend everyone who is experiencing this behaviour to give our support technicians a call. It would be most helpful to submit a diagnostic report (write down that confirmation number it gives at the end!) and know your AppleID email and password. While we may or may not use either of these directly, it's always a good idea to be prepared to log into whatever services involved.

In the meantime, I will keep this topic up to date with any information from the team. Thank you all again for your patience while we work on this.

If you run into any problems getting in contact with our support technicians, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Deleted because on reflection largely rubbish!
I was too very excited about this release. I have a 5 in my office, a one in our master, two ones, a sub and playbase in the great room setup as 5.1. I wanted to include the family room across from the office. I’ve tried the Sonos connect module to a legacy Bose Lifestyle V25 months ago and had to return the module because of the unbearable lag.
Of course the Bose was blamed by support.
Longer signal pathways from optical to the Bose, signal processing etc. I tried turning the compression on the Bose off, used the 2D AV sync option to try slowing it down or speeding it up to match the Sonos speakers in the rest of the house. No dice. I even suggested a simple software feature to implement a “slow down” or “speed up” button as a fix to support. It’s all software so making all speakers a bit slower to sync with the legscy audio system seems viable and easier. Well Sonos lost out on a few hundred $ then.
So the hope was that I could use the Apple TV and again the 2D AV sync to artificially speed it up or down. No dice either.
In addition, I noticed the lag wasn’t only between the 5 in my office and the Apple TV but the great room too. It was 2 seconds behind. Even when I switched to the Sonos app (from the Apple Music app) this continued. I had to stop all playback, in the Sonos app, ungroup and select a new song, re-group but not selecting the Apple TV to get it to play in sync again. (Not that the Apple TV can be selected from the Sonos app anyway) Disappointed. Not only are Apple products out of sync (Legacy amp or or not) but the Sonos products themselves aren’t in sync either when using them mixed with apple. ?☹️
Guys I think main problem will be in Sonos hardware. I can't believe that in the year of 2018 Sonos still use 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz. It is totally outdated technology and I believe that this is the reason of all the lag and drops issues.

On Xmas I got as a gift play:1. I was really excited with the sound until first drop.
After that I connected the speaker by cable to my 5g wifi extender and everything was ok.

At this moment the speaker went to the world because I don't want it without airplay.
And solution with extender it is also not according to my imaginations. If I see your reactions then I will wait to some other product with current wifi technology.

But I can't understand why Sonos is not able to update their portofolio to 5 GHz.
@raveX. You are mistaken. Sonos uses 5GHz wireless when appropriate (communication in surround sound system, where distances are short, there are no walls, and lack of lag is important). It uses 2.4GHz in other communications, where 2.4GHz has superior range and wall penetration. If you were having .problems with dropouts it was nothing to do with this.
I have the exact same issue

Homepod + 2x Play 5 gen 2

There is a very Annoying echo/delay between Homepod and Sonos

On Twitter Sonos support suggested to restart both homepod and Sonos because of the internal clocks. That did not do the trick.
I have the exact same issue

Homepod + 2x Play 5 gen 2

There is a very Annoying echo/delay between Homepod and Sonos

On Twitter Sonos support suggested to restart both homepod and Sonos because of the internal clocks. That did not do the trick.

Stopping and resuming the playback may help.
@John B

Maybe I am wrong.
Just example: combination of sonos one + homepod

If you want to use this combinations as multiroom solution with AirPlay 2 and source of the music will be for example iPhone connected to 5GHz wifi.

- Homepod will be directly connected throught the 5GHz network.
- In case of Sonos source of the music will be connected throught 5GHz and then the speed will be degraded to super slow 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz.

I thing that Sonos 5GHz you can use just in case of Sonos multiroom solution. So at first you need to connect Sonos by UTP cable to the router and than you can create private network just for Sonos devices.

As I said maybe I am wrong but in Sonos One spec is clearly mentioned 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz.

If you have more Sonos speakers and their boost solution then maybe everything works fine but if you have just one Sonos One on the wifi it is tragedy - wifi adapted from 2003 😃 (
I will be amazed if Airplay 2 multiroom is so crap as to fall apart for this reason. In Sonos, sync between grouped speakers requires buffers, timing cues and clever software to manage it all. Network speeds vary for all sorts of reasons. A good multiroom system has to cope with that. Sonos is a good multiroom system. Airplay 2, who knows?
+1 to the discussion as someone who is also experiencing this issue. My setup is a Sonos One in my dining room and ATV in my lounge. I've been trying to use the Spotify app on my iPhone to use Airplay 2 to group the playback. It "works" but not satisfactorily as the playback is out of sync enough to be immediately noticeable. It creates a jarring echo effect and as the two rooms are joined by open plan layout, it's currently unworkable.

My Sonos devices are all wireless on the 2.4Ghz band on my router (pretty much the only devices on that band) and the ATV is hardwired. Sync between the Sonos One and two other Play:1s elsewhere in the house is faultless.

Happy to assist Sonos in providing diagnostic information to help solve the issue - just let me know.


Also experiencing a very slight echo (delay on the sonos speaker a fraction of a second) when playing something on both my HomePod and Play:5 systems. Happy to provide diagnostics if of any use to you.
i have the same problem. 2 Sonos One in the kitchen 1 HomePod in the living room. After minutes you can hear the latency
My Sonos One looses sync with my Apple TV 4K, using AirPlay 2. Gutted. I was about to buy a second Sonos One to create a stereo pair for the Apple TV, but if they can’t sync they are useless
Just to chime in with my own experience… I bought a new Sonos Play:5 today to add AirPlay 2 support for my existing Sonos devices (Play:3 on the deck and Connect:Amp powering the patio) and play music in sync with my Apple TV devices. Sadly, even the Play:5 by itself is noticeably out of sync with the Apple TV. I wish I had come here before buying the Play:5, but I assumed synchronized music across devices was the whole point of AirPlay 2. I really don't need it the Play:5 by itself, and I am thoroughly bummed right now. (For what it's worth, the Sonos devices all stay in time sync with each other.)
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Same here! You are bot alone, after the update i was excited to use airplay 2, but It’s totally out of sync with my macbook when I watch videos or any music.
Same issue for me. I also get a lot of interference when playing to Sonos + HomePod. Also, when will ConnectAmp and Connect work with AirPlay 2?
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They will only ever work when grouped with a Sonos 2 capable unit (beam, sonos one, playbase, play:5gen2).

So if your playing a Sonos capable unit with homepod now . . you just have to group the connect:Amp or Connect with the sonos unit in the Sonos app.
I think Chris means 'Airplay 2' and 'Airplay capable'...
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Have had a HomePod since release date and today, picked up a Sonos One. After spending 15-30 mins setting it up, I finally paired it with my HomePod through Airplay 2 and what do I get, an annoying latency delay. I'm in the midst of boxing it up, obviously didn't wait long enough for them to get it right. I'll just throw in an extra bit of money and trade it in for a second HomePod. Also, talk about a major sound difference...HomePod sounds 10 times better. Too bad, I was so excited.