Sonos and Comcast Xfinity - Excessive Data Usage

  • 15 July 2017
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Hi, my Comcast Xfinity usage went from about 500 GB per month to well over 1 TB per month, and the only change I made was adding several Sonos speakers. The increase is staying. Comcast only gives you two complementary overage months if you are in a state where they cap you at 1 TB, so now I have to pay Comcast an extra $50/month to avoid a $200/month overage fee ( I love my Sonos and am paying the extra $50, but I wonder if there is some bug here - it just doesn't make sense that Sonos would use over 500 GB per month, even though I do have many speakers. Is Sonos able to check how much data my speakers are really using to see if there is some bug here?

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6 replies

There is no bug i can conceive of that would cause this. You could use that much data by streaming lossless music 24/7. What are you actually doing?
I primarily play Spotify playlists a few hours per day, and my wifi diagnostics show Sonos correctly doing a single stream (not one stream per speaker) at a reasonable download rate to all speakers. So I'm thinking this is an under the hood issue not related to actual music streaming. I saw another post on this with the same issue so wonder if Comcast is measuring wrong. What I need to do is unplug all my speakers for a week and see what happens to data consumption.
I have to agree that a measuring error is much more likely than a bug on Sonos
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Sonos could only use 500+ GB per month if you were streaming lossless (and likely uncompressed) audio 24/7. Anything less would still be significant, but not to the same extent - 24/7 320 Kbps streaming would use about 100 GB. It's not likely that Sonos is the cause of your excessive data usage, or I would be very surprised if it was.
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Check your WiFi to make sure you are using the most secure connection options, then change your WiFi router's access password and the WiFi password. Make both of them decently strong. Having a leach borrowing your system could easily put your data usage up where it is. Doing the above is a simple, fast solution that doesn't hurt anything if it doesn't solve the issue so it is a good first step.

If your router offers any monitoring options for watching connected systems use that to see just where the data is going. If it doesn't there are tools available that can take a look at your network and see what is using data. I don't know any of them well since my pfSense firewall offers all the monitoring I need.
Having a leach borrowing your system could easily put your data usage up where it is.
Either that or a change in data usage other than Sonos are possible reasons. HD Video streams or downloads could ramp up usage rapidly like this - Sonos almost certainly can't be used to do so to this extent.