Sonos and Cisco Remote Desktop Connection

  • 17 September 2019
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I work remotely from home. I use a laptop with Windows 10 that connects to a wireless network.

I loaded the Sonos controller software on it and connected to my existing Sonos system. Everything works fine.

To work I need to connect to a remote desktop. I have to first make some sort of connection using Cisco's AnyConnect. Once I start AnyConnect my Sonos controller sees that as the network connection and cannot find the Sonos system.

Is there a way to get the Sonos controller to ignore the Cisco AnyConnect connection and stay on my home's wireless network OR is there a way to use Windows Firewall settings to block the controller from seeing the Cisco connection?

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6 replies

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I don't know Windows so I can't help much there.

Have you considered an inexpensive Android or Amazon tablet to use as a controller? It is really much nicer than the desktop controller as you can set it up so you can watch the Sonos music screen all the time. Adding a magnetic connect power cable and stand really make it nice
Stanley_4 - thanks for the reply but that is not what I am asking.
The purpose of a VPN like Cisco AnyConnect is to establish a tunnel between the computer in use, and some outside computer that you're connecting to, and not allow any other external connections in to that "tunnel". Consequently, when Sonos is trying to contact your computer to connect either to your hard drive, or the Sonos controller, Cisco AnyConnect is perceiving that as an outside contact, and rejecting it.

I suspect you'd need to do something with Cisco's software, and to be honest, I'd be uncomfortable giving any suggestions there. I'd recommend that you get in touch with the IT group who have forced you to use the software, and explain what it is that you want to do. They may be able to help you.
Try ForceBindIP. YMMV obviously.

Alternatively you may simply be able to start the Sonos controller before opening the VPN.
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You need to configure the VPN client to do "split tunneling". Its been a while since I used AnyConnect so I can't remember if that is possible.

Sonos themselves use AnyConnect for employees to remote into their network (or at least did a few years ago when i last used it) so I would assume there has to be a way.
Try ForceBindIP. YMMV obviously.

Alternatively you may simply be able to start the Sonos controller before opening the VPN.

I tried starting it first. Everything works great and then after a while it cannot find the system.