Sonos amp (ZP100) occasional pop or crackle/staticky sound

  • 18 November 2015
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I've owned this particular ZP 100 unit for about seven or eight years now, and my setup has not changed ever since. This week I started noticing ocational pop or crackle sound coming out of the speakers. It is a single crackle or pop, and could happen once every 20 to 40 seconds. It sounds exactly like a vinyl record static pop. I know the issue is not in the recording because I can go over the same spot a no sound at all. It happens with all sources, confirmed. Note that this occurs even on very low volume passages.

Is this a Sonos hardware failure. I have only noticed it on this one unit, and I own 7.

I have submitted an email with diagnostic number to Sonos customer support today.

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1 reply

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I have the same problem with my ZP-100 definitely the amp and only in one channel, wondering if SOnos can fix it? do they do repairs? Might be a loose solder connection somewhere