Sonos Amp + vinyl: Only playing through left side

  • 19 November 2019
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Hey there,

I own a Sonos Amp (the new one) paired with regular cabled speakers for “front”, and using 2 Ikea Symfonisk speakers as a set for “back” in my living room. Everything works great, and plays on both channels - except when I play vinyl.

My record player (Pro-ject Carbon Esprit) goes through an external preamp, and then into the back of the Sonos Amp. Using the same cables and setup as with my old hifi amp/receiver, where everything worked just perfect. All I did was swap the old amp with the new Sonos amp, and now when playing vinyl I only have audio coming out of the left channel (front and back playing). 

Any clue how to fix this? 
The guys at my local hifi shop have never heard of something like this, and have no clue what the problem could be - saying that “they’ve never heard of a Sonos amp with a malfunctioning input”.


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3 replies

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You can check the Amp by trying another Line-In source. Use a different cable. If that also exhibits the fault, it’s likely that the Amp has a problem.

If it doesn't exhibit the fault, it’s something in the upstream path from the TT. This can be anything from the cartridge connections, to the cabling, to the pre-amp. I’d start by swapping out the cables one by one.

Edit: Also make sure you’re connected to correct inputs on the Amp. In particular make sure you’re not inadvertently connecting an input cable to the Amp’s subwoofer output. It will fit, and it’s right next to the Line-In inputs.

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HI Kanten

There are only two RCA inputs clearly marked in red and white for left and right channels on the Sonos Amp. Assuming the connections are correct make sure all cables are tightly plugged in (turn table, pre-amp and Sonos Amp). Also, in the Sonos App the Line-in source level is important. Click the link for more information:

FYI, I have my Line-in level set to 10.

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@Kanten : So, what was the outcome of following my suggestions?