Sonos AMP power

  • 28 December 2016
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Will a Sonos AMP have enough power at 55W per channel to power my Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL speakers rated at 200W with peak level at 300W?

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3 replies

It depends. For most people, who listen at reasonable levels in average size rooms, it is more than enough power. If you listen to the sort of stuff that's been dynamically range compressed to 4db in a very large room at deafening volumes, then perhaps not.
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Thanks chicks. I just hooked them up and you are correct. It sounds pretty good. The AMP does reset though if I leave it at full volume for a period of time. No distortion though.
Also relevant is the how much power the speakers draw for low frequency sound delivery, by dropping impedance. If this often drops down to say 2 ohms, as many power hungry speakers tend to, Connect Amp will shut down. The solution then is to use a third party amp that can deliver power to sub 4 ohm loads for long periods without shutting down, but that will need a Connect. Or, back off the volume on the Connect Amp - with most speakers of 88dB sensitivity or better, full volume on Connect Amp will be too loud.

Also, make sure that the Amp is getting good ventilation.