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Hi. I've been a loyal customer to Sonos for 15yrs, I love your products,  recently I purchased and just installed a new sonos amp to power my 2 channel rockquists outdoor speakers....


I noticed that the volume output at setting of under 50% on volume slider was very low, if I turn it up to 90-100% its loud...


I'm wondering if you could review my diagnostics and see if that was anything you could do to improve the volume sensitivity on the sonos amp to give me more volume and sensitivity at lower volume settings ???


My diagnostic nu# is 1594134326




Lou Borini



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I think you are asking about what Sonos call ‘setting a volume limit’:

After you've configured a player's maximum volume, the volume slider is not going to show the limitation you've set. If a player is configured to have a maximum volume of 50%, the volume slider to the far right will output a volume of 50%.

No, that's not what I'm saying per volume limits manually set below 100%…

I have the volume limit turned off so it will go to 100% of 100% on the volume ..

The issue is getting volume at all...its just low and wonder if the sonos amp is not working properly , I tested the lines about 75ft each channel for shorts and it fine..

I also tried the speakers on my zp-90 connect and inexpensive sony reciever and that blasted just fine so I know its not the speakers either..



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Hello @lborini60 and welcome to the Sonos Community.

I’ve taken a look into the diagnostic report of your Sonos Amp and I am not seeing any issues from the unit. I feel that it may be best to get in touch with our support team via telephone so we can look more into the volume issue.