Sonos alarms - not turning off

  • 30 December 2016
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I have tried to turn off my alarm that i have set for 5 pm daily. I press the stop button and it stops briefly the volume drops and the rises to the setting that was set. The only way to stop it is to uncheck it in alarms. When I recheck it, it comes back on again. Just started tonight. Any help?

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87 replies

This just happened to me this evening. I heard the music turn on, slowly increase to my alarm setting. then stop.

it would repeat this over and over.

I tried pausing the music, but it would quickly hit play, and then ramp to the alarm volume

the only thing that fixed it was turning off the alarm (thank god).
This is happening to us too!

We have set up multiple alarms so that music comes on with a different playlist every day, automatically at 5pm.
Another room is supposed to queue up a playlist and is set with a 15 minute alarm, daily.

Now when I hit pause in the controller OR on the physical button, it just sets the alarm off again (music fades on the next track). It took me forever to realize that is was an alarm issue.

I just updated to version 7.0. I wonder if that is related.
We are also having this problem! Any ideas on how to fix it - extremely annoying!
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Other than unchecking the alarm for now. Only way to turn it off. I have 2 other alarms set, will know in the morning if the other alarms will cause a problem too.
Thank goodness shaunaweaver told me about this thread as I thought I'd go nuts! I unchecked all my alarms and finally I managed to stop the station from playing non-stop. Hopefully, there will be a permanent fix for this soon as I would like to use my alarms again soon 🙂
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I thought this was an isolated problem, i guess it is not. I even power cycled my entire system to try and stop it.
I'm up at 11:30PM while my family sleeps dealing with this. Very buggy update.
Same here!
Are they crazy at SONOS? This is absolutely unacceptable!!!!
Thinking about returning my System!
This is driving me bug nuts. Only fix delete alarms
Deleting alarms seems to fix both spotty steaming issue and constant restarting of stream even when stopped. Pausing alarms didn't work for me.
I've just had the same issue in terms of the alarms restarting. I thought my housemate was playing a prank on me and restarting the alarm when I stopped it. Thankfully it wasn't him and just turning down the volume seems to have worked!
Turning or deleting an alarm stops it BUT, as soon as I turn the alarm back on, the speaker comes on regardless of the alarm time. I've rebooted my entire system without any satisfaction. Thinking it might be just one speaker I tried different alarm settings with some success. Everything seems ok until I turn the alarm on for one particular radio stream then it starts streaming straight away regardless of the alarm time setting.
I've had my Sonos for five years and have never experienced anything like this before. Very frustrating when you don't know why, whether it's Sonos or the radio stream, or a combination of both.
Be great full for any possible solution. :?
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Same problem here, alarm will simply not stop. Can't add music, simply switches back to internet radio no matter what I do, what is going on? I don't want to listen to BBC radio Cambridgeshire forever!! Tried unplugging every Sonos player, but no difference, just comes onto internet radio again. Glad I found this, I guess I'll have to disable alarms.
It has to be a Sonos update... only I don't think it can be... but it must be because it worked yesterday and the previous years
And i thought i was going crazy, the problem for me is this though.. I can't pause/mute or anything... IT JUST WON'T STOP! To make it stop i have to pull out the power plug... after that I tried the following...

- Pause works for just a few seconds before it goes on to another song, it only plays like the first 5-7 seconds of a song.
- Mute same problem as soon as it goes to another song volume goes up.
- Break stereo pair... (Both speakers just start playing different music?!)
- Change room name, just continues playing.
- Clear Queue.. Just adds songs back in?! Even 1 by 1 it's just added back....
- Deleted all Alarms.. seems to have done it, first only did the one that i thought was the culprit but that didn't help.

Seriously wt* is going on here? Little late/soon for Aprils fools right?

I've been using Sonos for alarm since the day i got them and haven't had a problem once.. Today was the first time..

It seems as soon as i setup a new alarm it goes bonkers again, just skipping through playlist, playing the first few seconds of a song..

Hope this gets fixed asap... The weird thing is i don't recall updating the last few weeks? Normally i get a message saying i could update.. (I'm in beta program).
This is crazy never happened before,unplugged speaker plugged back in and started playing again, Sonis need to get this sorted. I had not upgraded so did so hoping that was resolution but problem persisted.
Post deleted by John B as incorrect.
Also having this problem! I have a daily alarm set for 6:30, now the tuner keeps turning off then immediately fading back up (every 30seconds or so). If I try to change the source it just immediately turns back to the radio and continues with this glitch. Not impressed!
If any of you are in a private beta that may or may not exist, please stop posting about problems here on the public forum. This problem appears to be far outside of a private beta.
Having the same issue. It's been working fine for weeks and then today instead of the radio I was getting the chime.

Now I can't seem to turn the chime off. Have tried deleting and resetting the alarm, resetting the unit, deleting the app but nothing works currently.
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Same here!
I have already reset the player i set the alarm to. Does not work either. If i readd it to the system, it immidiately started to play the alarm set radio again.
I have turned off all Devices that somehow control the sonos, didn't help either.
The same is happening to me also. Even tried factory reset. doesn't fix the problem.
Same issue here: I've got a few alarms set up, all for the play5 in the bedroom. The play5 started playing music from the latest playlist while no alarm was set for that time.
Tried powering off the play5, powering off all sonos devices and resetting the play5 to factory default. Every time it just started playing again. Only switching off all alarms helped. I deleted all alarms but as soon as I created a new one the problem returned.
For me I had to DELETE not Disable the alarm. I hope that helps. I deleted all my alarms until this is fixed.
For me I had to DELETE not Disable the alarm. I hope that helps.
I've deleted and it worked, but when I added a new alarm with the same streaming as the offending deleted one, the speaker with that alarm came on straight away.