Sonos abruptly quit connecting to iMac

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Recently switched from Ziply/Frontier/Verizon FIOS to T-Mobile Home Internet.

Until this morning, had no problems related to SONOS, but now, get black screen and message “Sorry we can’t connect to SONOS” and the following suggestions:

“Let’s try some things:

• Turn your Wi-Fi off and on.

Unplug your router, then plug it back in.

Check the power to your products.

• Restart your computer and try again.

Changed router or Wi-Fi settings? Go to


I’ve tried them all, and can’t get hooked back up.  Both are on the same network, which is fed through T-Mobile Gateway to Google mesh wi-fi & out to all devices.  

Connection to SONOS is fine using the iphone and ipad apps on same network.

Any suggestions?



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Have you tried wiring one Sonos device directly to your base Google mesh router with an Ethernet cable? Have you set up the Google mesh to be in bridge mode, so you’re not running two routers daisy chained, with conflicting NATs?

Should have mentioned that I also tried running without the Google mesh system involved and get the same failure to connect with nothing except the T-mobile gateway between the signal, the speakers and the computer.