Sonos 5 stopped working

Hi, I have had a sonos 5 for four years and since the date is was purchased it has not moved in anyway, the only changes are the downloads pushed down from Sonos.

Recently, the player stopped transmitting sound though it plays sound if you plug headphones into the back of the unit. After contacting Sonos it was clear they did not give a damn about the problem - informing me that it could be a faulty solenoid or it may have been a speaker badly put together when built and now the problems have arisen.

Based on the age (4 years) Sonos will not repair the speaker, they will only replace it for a cost of £350. Tried to get higher management involved but they were too rude to even respond. Shows how bad Sonos is.

Just wondered if anyone else is suffering from similar problems with the play 5? And what actions have been taken? I just cannot understand how a premium brand product can just stop working.


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Hi jason1528

Sorry to hear that your 1st Gen Play 5 is malfunctioning. Not making excuses but sometimes a defect does take a while to manifest itself. I assume you’ve gone into the Sonos App to make sure the volume limiter hasn’t been turned on.

Looking at your profile I see you have never posted in the forum before; at least not under your current credentials. I don’t know to whom you spoke to at Sonos; but generally the procedure when experiencing a Sonos product malfunction is to submit a diagnostic and post the reference ID in this forum.

Click the link on how to make the submission:

After submitting the diagnostic if no response within 24 hours give them a call and reference the ID. The issue may be resolved by a factory reset…but wait until you hear from Sonos before attempting it . Good luck to get your issue resolved with as less pain as possible!

Hello, thank you for your response.

I contacted Sonos support, by phone. They did a full diagnostic test and then made the suggestion about the fault.

I understand things go wrong but the only change is the downloads pushed by Sonos. Looking on the forum site it also appears that many others are having similar problems with the Play 5 so this must show that the equipment is poor standard.

Worst still, I have written to Sonos about the probkem, even getting a supervisor called Scott involved. He is just very rude and doesn’t respond because he knows that the issues are poor to say the least.

Feel completely let down by this issue and feel like selling my other sonos equipment.

Not sure where to go from here?
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Take the discounted upgrade offer or a poor second choice start looking at the unauthorized repairs topics here and give it a shot yourself. Distant third option is try the used market but shop carefully.
The same thing has happened to my sonos 5. It stopped working last June after 5 years of no problems. contacted sonos and there nothing they could do apart from the £100 off a new 5. Not sure what I wanted to do I packed it away and forgot about it, I came across it on Monday (20/01/19) plugged it in and after an update it started working again! but it has given up again today (25/01/19). I find it a bit strange how something can start working again and then stop, it hasn't been moved since Monday and nothing has changed!
It's a computer in a speaker. Lots and lots of electronics in it, which can expand with heat, contract with cold, etc.
I have found the problem. The speaker thinks the headphones are connected when they are not. The app shows the headphone symbol next to the volume and if i move the connector around ths sounds plays through the speaker. Limited on options now, sonos dosent do repairs and cant find anyone who will! I dont no if getting the headphone socket removed will make a difference, maybe worth a try as right know I have a speaker that doesnt work and if the solution doesnt work i will still have a speaker that doesnt work
Sounds Ike a headphone jack problem. Do you normally use headphones with it? If so it’s probably worn and the problem is mechanical, especially if moving the connector around fixes it.
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If you are not taking the Sonos replacement offer that headphone jack is pretty easy to replace once you have the speaker popped open.
Hi jasonp1528,

I have had exactly the same problem you describe after 3.5 years.

Sonos have no interest as it is outside of their warranty.

Very disappointing and I'll never go near another Sonos product again.

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