Sonos 5 Issues

  • 5 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Any help would be great, I have had my Sonos for 2 years with zero issues, all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago the volume just vanished,

I can play music but can just make the tune out on full volume

any suggestions ????????

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1 reply

What's your source of music? Is it line-in, streamed locally, or streamed from the internet?

If it's line in, I'd check the settings on that, to make sure it's turned up properly. If it's streamed from the internet, I'd do 2 things. First would be a diagnostic after playing it and getting the low volume. Then come here an post the number so they know which one to examine. Then, I'd probably start a phone call with them, although perhaps waiting until someone responds to the diagnostic post would be best.