Sonos 3 keeps cutting out even though 2 of my 5 sonos speakers are connected via ethernet cable

Any idea why this is happening. I was led to believe that they form their own exclusive connection if even one of the speakers are connected via ethernet port. Jesus bring back wires...
edit = actually a sonos 1 also cuts out intermittently

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It may well be interference or IP addressing issues.

Please check in About My Sonos System to see if your speakers have WM:0 or WM:1 next to them and let us know.

What wireless channels are your router and Sonos system on?
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Can you make sure that you have no wi-fi credentials in the Sonos App and have you reserved IP addresses in your router settings page for your Sonos devices?
Hi there
Thanks for the reply. The code is consistently WM:0 on all 5 speakers i have.
Hi there
Thanks for the reply. The code is consistently WM:0 on all 5 speakers i have.

Well that's good, because it means all speakers are connected to SonosNet. What about the router and Sonos channels? You could try changing the SonosNet channel in Advanced Settings. If either of the wired speakers is within 3 feet of the router, move it a bit further away if possible.

I would try that next, there are other things we could try if it doesn't help.

You could also submit a system diagnostic when experiencing the problem and post the number back here.
Hi there

Sorry for the delay. I've been away working and returned home to listen to a little music. Again speakers randomly cut out. It's driving me mad. How do you change the channel please?
In the Sonos app, Settings, Advanced Settings, SonosNet Channel.
I'll give that a whirl and let you know. Changed to channel 6. Thanks
So... changing channels just isn't working. One of the speakers (Kitchen presently) keeps cutting out. Any help before I throw Sonos in the bin and go back to old skool wires. Oh god give me wires.
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Take John B's advice to submit a diagnostic and post the reference ID in your next post. After submitting the diagnostic calling Sonos or going through Twitter will result in a faster response vs waiting for them to discover it in this forum. Good Luck!

Thank you. Here is the reference ID for the diagnostics report 286337421. Kind regards
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Probably not going to hear from Sonos on that diag until Monday and only then if they see it.

Try the 24x7 support options from the contact page and you'll get a response faster.
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Hi Bamboo,

Thanks for sending in the report. I see wireless communication errors between your speakers, mostly with the kitchen unit. This is usually caused by wireless interference. Changing the wireless channel your Sonos system uses is a great place to start, Channel 6 looks best in your area. Since you mention you've tried changing channels already, take a look around your speakers for third party electronics which could interfere. Is your kitchen unit near any appliances? Are there cordless phone bases, or baby monitors near any of your speakers?
Hi there, yes I changed to channel 6 but the speaker in the kitchen cuts out a lot. The speaker ‘one’ in the office also cuts out even though it’s connected via Ethernet cable.

the speaker in the kitchen is in a cabinet with only a vase and a salt lamp so no electrical objects.

Could the distance from speaker to speaker be an issue?
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Range can be a factor. You might try moving the kitchen unit out of the cabinet, or move the office unit to a different spot in the room. If you're still getting cut outs it may be best to continue troubleshooting live with our phone team. Our phone number and hours can be found here.