Sonos 1002. Diagnostic # 6974532

  • 7 January 2017
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Sonos 1002. Diagnostic # 6974532

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8 replies

Can anyone help on this ? Error 1002 I don't even know where to start people are saying that I need to check the firewall but I have only my iPhone and iPad working with this
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Only Sonos can look at the diagnostic and unlikely any response over the weekend.

If you want help from us mere mortals then you'll need to feed us with a lot more information.
What information do you need? I connected my laptop to the router to check firewall of the router and everything seems fine y am checking with control panel in my computer under firewall and everything seems fine as well where can I start ?
Have seen the same error 1002.
My expirience its a weak wifi signal
With your setup.. add a boost. I think that will solve your problem
Error 1002 is a general network timeout. Sonos isn't getting a timely response from somewhere or other.

There are all kinds of potential reasons for this: internet congestion, firewall issues (usually on a computer hosting a local library), IP address conflict, wireless signal strength and/or interference.

Sonos Support need to study the diagnostic, otherwise one's just relying on idle conjecture.
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What Sonos units do you have. How are you connecting to your network - wired or wireless. What is causing the error - i.e. Is it playing a music service or your music. If your music where is it. Has it ever worked. Have you changed router, isp or computer recently.
Thank you all I got it resolve by turning off router and disconnecting all sonos equipment and first turning on the router and then once signal was ready I connected all sonos equipment back and problem resolved
IP address conflict then.