Sonos 1 lost a speaker

  • 7 January 2022
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My Sonos 1 system has lost the second speaker and I can’t re-install it because I need Android 10 or above on my Nexus 7 device, purchased as part of the original system installation.  But the Nexus 7 only has Android 6.0.1 on it and can’t upgrade to give me the add/remove feature I need.  Nor can Sonos download the original version of software which supports Android 6.0.1.  Is there anyone out there that can provide me a copy of the software or a get around please?  I don’t see why i need to purchase another mobile device when everything else is working ok.  Thank you

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5 replies

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Borrow a friend or relative’s mobile device that meets the Sonos app requirements:

  • iOS 12 and higher
  • iPadOS 13 and higher
  • Android 8.0 and higher (Not supported on Chromebooks)
  • Fire OS 7 and higher
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If you did not factory reset the errant speaker, you likely do NOT need to add it back to your system. Reboot your router and it will likely come back. If that fails try temporarily hard-wiring it to your router.

If you did factory reset it then you are SOL and need to get a supported device to run the current apps.


Many thanks for this suggestion.  I don’t know how to do a Factory Reset and so unlikely to have done that.  Also it gets worse and I have now lost a Room and cant see how to add it back in.

I have yet to try hard wiring to the router, but wanted to thank you first.

I assume by Router you mean the Sonos router and not the PC router to the outside world.  I have done a switch off and back on.

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The router is the one that provides your Wi-Fi service, so the device connected to the outside world. Try a reboot of that.

What do you mean by Sonos router? Are you referring here to your Play:1 or One?!


Hi to all

Many thanks for all your suggestions.  I decided to try the app on my iPhone and it has worked a treat to get back the Play1 speakers.

What I can’t see is how to get the room that has disappeared.  There appears to be no ‘tag’ to add a room.  Any ideas will be gratefully received.  Thanks again