Songs skipping when iPhone locked

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Jeff or Community
1) Is the 9.1 release a solution for the Sonos application not being able to play the iPhone or iPad local playlist which is located on the hard-drive of the device?
2) If I disable the auto-lock on my iPhone and then play the local music on the device will it stop skipping
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Jeff or Community
1) Is the 9.1 release a solution for the Sonos application not being able to play the iPhone or iPad local playlist which is located on the hard-drive of the device?
2) If I disable the auto-lock on my iPhone and then play the local music on the device will it stop skipping

Hi there,

We released an update to address this issue. If you're still having skipping when your phone goes into auto lock, please give us a call so we can take a deeper look into this issue. You can find our phone number and hours here.

Disabling AirPlay on non-Sonos devices will help get things streaming again in the meantime.
I have personally spent thousands of dollars on 19 SONOS products (including subwoofer, Soundbar) six Sonos 5's, two 3's and at six 1's, and have recommended it to many people. I have also purchased countless additional hardware for the company I founded.

Starting last year, I began having issues with skipping songs when playing directly from my iPhone. I have spent countless days trying to fix the issue... I am on my third hardware Wi-Fi setup, I have changed VPNs to the point where I no longer use one at my house. In short, I am absolutely FURIOUS, as the issue is getting worse, and your message boards are a joke on this topic.

Suggesting that I sign up for a paid music subscription is a ridiculous solution, especially since this is a vacation home, and I have countless guests here that like their own music .

If this is an unfixable issue be direct about it...
I think it's an issue that Apple needs to address, and (in my imagination) they're not willing to give a lot of attention to it for Sonos. I think Sonos is trying not to throw Apple under the bus, since Sonos relies more on Apple than Apple does on Sonos, so they're trying to be political about the whole thing.

While I agree we should be keeping pressure on Sonos on this, I also thing there should be equal pressure on Apple.
Bruce, my guess is that you are completely correct about the problem.

Sonos customers are the ones suffering and as a tech company, and they need to fix this one way or the other.

Putting your head in the sand and not addressing the problem is idiocy.
Oh, I would suspect that Sonos is absolutely not putting their head in the sand and not attempting to address the problem. Given the number of complaints here in these boards, it's obviously affecting a lot of people. But my guess is that Sonos is at the whim of Apple for a "fix" that resolves this, and they're unwilling to say so, as it would make Apple the "bad guy". But I can well see some person at Sonos (and maybe several) assigned as liaisons with Apple asking on a very regular cadence, and re-emphasizing the importance of the issue to all of the Sonos users who have posted. Which I consider to be roughly 10% of those affected....there's always a silent majority out there who don't bother to post, and then end up not understanding, and giving up on a useful technology that just requires an update to work properly.

I've managed people in my past who have this sort of liaison roles with Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. The frustration you have with those companies moving forward at a pace that satisfies your company's needs just can't be publicly expressed, as if you do, you're likely to get them mad at you and not give you any further cooperation.

Assuming all of thoughts around this are correct, I feel for Sonos. They're getting beat up regularly on these forums, and others, for an issue that they're trying to get fixed as quickly as possible, yet they're stymied by Apple's rather glacial (in this case, and in my opinion) pace to address this issue. Apple has many other priorities that they're likely working on, they probably consider this to be a minor annoyance, but those of us who use Sonos consider it to be a major issue.

Frankly, I solved this by moving my library to an NAS, and using that, rather than storing everything on an iPad in my home. That worked for me....but did require a purchase, and some setup. Not everyone has the patience/money/time to do that.

I imagine that Sonos is doing everything they can to get this resolved as quickly as they can. They do listen to their customers, they've said in the past that they read every single post on these boards, and I'm fairly confident that the aggregate message is passed upwards to management. I'm sure that Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, is very aware of this issue.

But I do agree, at the end of the day, it's rather annoying.
I've got this problem, had it a couple of months or so ago when the update came out that removed the lock screen controls. Since then there has been a further update, but this hasn't solved the problem. Just when you get things working they mess up again! There always seems to be some issue that means I can't play music using my Sonos or that involves some workaround. For now, I'm using a third-party app on my Mac to stream my library via AirPlay to my Sonos Play 1. As for playing my library from my iPhone, I've given up until an update comes out to fix this.
hi - I wrote some time ago in this forum to raise another voice about the skipping issue. I have a Samsung, and always noticed that everyone here complained about iPhone while locked ... Not many people writing about Android. Writing to say that after the 9.2 release, the issue seems to be gone; been playing many hours these last 2 days, and have not noticed any song skipped. Anyone else with Android with same success?
Anyway, I thought it is good to share good news when it happens.
Fixed it. We have an Apple TV and I set it for AirPlay = OFF. I then reset my iPhone 7. I have the latest Sonos app version installed. I now have control from the lock screen on my iPhone. The Apple TV is our only AirPlay device. We now also have control from my wife's AppleWatch.

I followed the info from this link:
@larsif I have followed your directions and read your content that you linked on your Site/page. THANK YOU...... So Far, the Songs problem of skipping and cutting off songs has disappeared at my house. I turned off my AirPlay (AppleTV's in my case) abilities (which I rarely used anyway) and there are now full songs playing once again.. I thank you for your assistance, as my &$1,800.00 dollars of Sonos equipment was all but totally worthless in the condition they were in before reading your content. Additionally, I not have control back from my Apple Watch and my LOCKED iPhone, as it was designed to be.. Thanks Again..

Sonos, please publish either @larsif's information (hopefully, you give him the credit for fixing this issue) or publish this as at least a bandaid that does not suggest that we should turn the security lock off on our iOS devices (stupid idea for all that suggested it.) I am 14 songs into a playlist with no cutouts at all. Prior to making these changes, I was cutting off almost every song.
Jeff, as I listen to my Sonos skip my iPhone locally held songs on a whim I can’t help but think back to when I ended up calling Sonos three months ago and asked about this issue and they claimed ignorance and that WiFi interfence must be the issue. If Sonos would just admit they screwed up and would put the necessary resources to fix the issue, maybe I would feel better. Yet Sonos continues to sell their speakers as if they are the best thing in the world completely ignoring this rather obvious flaw.
It's Apple who made the change, not Sonos. Sonos is, I would expect, doing everything possible to rectify the situation. The flaw is with the release of iOS 11, where Apple unilaterally changed the way they allow data transfer when the iOS device is locked/asleep.
It's Apple who made the change, not Sonos. Sonos is, I would expect, doing everything possible to rectify the situation. The flaw is with the release of iOS 11, where Apple unilaterally changed the way they allow data transfer when the iOS device is locked/asleep.. Got it, so Sonos shouldn’t have to tell customers that this is an issue before they purchase the devices. “Apple changed the way they do things months ago and we haven’t figured it out yet, so we don’t need to tell you.”
I invested a couple thousand dollars in Sonos equipment. I was told by Sonos that I could play music stored on my phone and still use my phone to make phone calls. Sounded exactly like what I needed. I wanted the ease of use to quickly play my library of songs in any room by pressing play.

I have over 50 GB of music on my phone. I may be in the minority these days but its how I like to do it. I can control everything seamlessly from my car to my bluetooth speakers to my airpods... Unfortunately not to my Sonos speakers. I have been in contact with Sonos support for months, unfortunately I get the same cookie cutter response that everyone else is getting. No solutions, just excuses. I was excited to see a new update a few days back for the speakers and the app so I updated all of it. Curious this morning to see if they figured out how to get rid of the constant track skipping, I played an album from my phone while I took a shower. First song played through. Second song skipped to the next track half way through. Third song skipped after about 10 seconds. At the end of my 8 minute or so shower the album was on the ninth track when it should have been on the second if it had played all the way through. Annoyed yet again, I won't use my $2000+ Sonos speakers again for months.

Today I am going to start a campaign to inform everyone I can to not make the mistake I did by investing in Sonos equipment. I will write reviews on every platform possible, from their IOS Apps to electronic stores reviews. When I see their ads on Instagram, etc, I will comment that these products do not work the way they tell you that they do. I would advise you to do the same if you are experiencing these same issues. This has been going on now for over 6 months and Sonos is obviously aware of the issue but offering no real solutions. The only way Sonos is going to figure this out is with bad press and less profits.

I know people don't like it when users jump on these message boards and threaten to sue... But Sonos is advertising that I am able to stream music from my phone when in fact I CANNOT. Isn't this the definition of a class action lawsuit??? If anyone has any information on a class action lawsuit against Sonos, please let me know. I would love to get on board with that.

I want a refund on this worthless Sonos equipment.

If you are reading this to research whether or not you should buy Sonos products - DO NOT BUY SONOS. You will be flushing your money down the toilet.
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This is BS. I will NEVER buy another Sonos product again. The restrictive nature of your product is so annoying. And then to read about these issues and Sonos deflecting and not providing a solution is entirely unprofessional. What a waste of money...never again.
I was told by Sonos that I could play music stored on my phone and still use my phone to make phone calls. Sounded exactly like what I needed. I wanted the ease of use to quickly play my library of songs in any room by pressing play.

agree, i bought for this exact same reason. I have my sonos; beam, sub, 2x play1 setup in master bedroom and another play1 in the master bathroom; and want to be able to stream music from my phone simultaneously to both systems at the same time.
it is very frustrating that Sonos keeps blaming on wifi reception, they need to man up and take responsibility and work with Apple to fix it.
Ran a diagnostic sent 2.3.19 at 21.25
I have the same issues. Changed router channel many times but it’s not fixing it. We have super internet speed too.
Please fix this as our Sonos system is now an embarrassment and we can no longer recommend.
Very disappointed to say the least and severely out of pocket. A reply from Sonos would be good

Your internet speed isn't the issue, that's measuring between your router and the outside world, not between the Sonos speakers and your router.

Sonos forum moderators and phone folks are off on weekends, so if you're looking for immediate assistance, they do have 24/7 support via Twitter. Information below, by clicking on "Contact us".
Thanks Bruce,
The reason I mention the internet speed is because we get an error message saying this song cannot play due to internet speed.
Song cuts out. Goes quiet and then a minute later it try’s again and then this seems to continue in a loop. Either that it cuts songs short or just stops.
Only ever happens when playing from music library on my iPad/phone. Tv sound to all 4 speakers is fine.
However system was bought as sound bar for tv and as a music system. Music system side is sadly useless.
I have auto lock set to never on my iPad so that is not the problem either.
When we first bought it last year we had no issues but then it became useless and I can only assume that was down to an automatic update as we changed nothing within the house.
Hi. If you are referring to a 'network speed is insufficient' message, this is to do with communications between your devices. As Bruce said, it has nothing to do with your internet speed. Also, this can be a mislesding message. It is really just saying, 'there are problems moving the data around'. The problem bit is almost certainly getting the data from the mobile device to the router. Playing from a mobile device is the least robust source and the one least under Sonos' control. Is the music stored anywhere else, such as a computer? Do you use streaming services?
No streaming services because I have a vast music library so in theory I didn’t think I needed one.
No computer, ditched it years ago.
I seemed to have swapped and old but robust wireless music system for one that doesn’t work for me.
What’s the solution here? Could I transfer my music to a streaming service and play it that way? Sorry if that sounds dumb but I’ve never subscribed so I don’t know
I wouldn't say that the Sonos system isn't robust. I've had mine for at least 10 years (maybe longer?) and haven't had an issue since I went in to my router and set up reserved IP addresses for all of my network devices, not just my Sonos. My previous router was prone to losing its place in the DHCP table, and would seemingly reassign IP addresses everytime the Sonos devices would request them, when Sonos released a new software update. Once I cleaned up that issue, it's been rock solid since. And with a new router, I went in and assigned them all reservations in the new one, of course, so I don't know if it has the same issue of losing track. But I've moved, too, and the power line may be cleaner here than it was before. I've always made the assumption it was surges that caused the issue, but here I'm guessing.

But as John says, that error message is rather misleading, it's most often a reflection of the speakers saying "I can't reach the router" more than the router saying "I can't reach the outside world", which is what your speed is an indication of.

But if you're getting that particular error, and you're still waiting for a response from Sonos (it's only Sunday, the forum folks won't be in until tomorrow), I'd give a shot to the low tech fix. Simple, a little time consuming. Unplug all of your Sonos devices from power. Reboot your router, which sets it back up fresh. Then plug back in your Sonos devices, and they'll request new IP addresses from the router. That likely will fix the issues, at least if it's really a duplicate IP address problem. And if it does, I'd take some time to look up in your router's manual how to reserve IP addresses, and do that for everything that connects to your router, wired, or via wifi, since they all need and get an IP address.

But, it's feasible that I'm barking up the wrong tree here, and at that point, there still should be information in that diagnostic that will help Sonos help you.

Oh, one other thought. If you use a BRIDGE in your system, try removing it, and plugging your ethernet cable into one of the speakers temporarily. The age of the BRIDGE's power transformer is showing up in some cases, causing the device to drop out the signal, depending on voltage fluctuations. If you do have this issue, you can just keep an ethernet cable plugged in to one of the speakers, as they now can act in the same fashion as the BRIDGE, or if that's not helpful, you can get a replacement power cord for the BRIDGE on many websites....but I replaced my BRIDGE with a BOOST, which has a newer set of electronics in it, and is slightly better in usage. I happen to really like mine, it's rock solid, and serves the 17 or 18 Sonos speakers that I have quite well.
Thanks. I’ve found my router settings and each device has its own IP address however I can’t find a way to reserve them. I’m with Sky.
I’m going to switch off all the Sonos devices and reboot the router and see if that makes any difference when they reconnect.
Will I ever get a direct reply to to this problem from Sonos?
I’ve posted about it before and run diagnostics and never had a reply.
I wish someone had told me I’d have to become a techie to get my Sonos to work. Surely it shouldnt be this hard?
Did you post the diagnostic number here, or call in with it? Just running a diagnostic really doesn't notify them, as they've indicated before.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the Sky equipment, as I'm a US resident. There are quite a few UK folks around who might chip in on that, perhaps.

In 99% of cases, it isn't that hard. But at the end of the day, the system relies on the local network, and if that is dirty, then Sonos will be dirty as well. And my suggestion of reserving IP addresses just deals with one particular issue, it's not a silver bullet for everything. And the unplugging/reboot process does exactly the same thing, just not in a permanent state.

Post your new diagnostic number here in this thread, and we'll try to get Sonos to see it as quickly as possible.

For reference, you may want to read this:
Thanks for all the suggestions. Just ran a diagnostic 1190548109 and I’ve now reserved an IP address for each Sonos. If I don’t get my Sonos system sorted at least I’ll be able to get a job in IT ?