Songs skipping halfway through song when streaming Apple Music from iPhone

  • 15 August 2017
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when streaming Apple Music from my iPhone songs skip halfway through playing. Streaming from Spotify is flawless, the problem occurs only when streaming from Apple Music. Tuneiradio streaming is also not an issue. When streaming Apple Music from my Macbook it plays without skipping. Diagnostic info 7718550.

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6 replies

Ok, so streaming it from my Macbook also causes songs to skip, although less frequent it seems. Made a diagnostic report from after the song skipped on my Macbook, 7718568.
I have a similar problem, however do not use Apple products. Songs are ending too soon, moving to the next track in the playlist. Connect:AMP is hardwired to router, PixelXL is connected via wifi.
Problem still continous to occur.
Would be nice to have someone of the Sonos staff too look into the issue. Best regards,
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The music isn't streamed FROM your Mac or iPhone. It is fetched. The Sonos unit receives the request which it then sends to the relevant music service together with your credentials and the request is then sent to the Sonos speaker.

Obviously Sonos may be able to detect some issues from your diagnostic but un the meantime it might be worth removing the Apple Music service and then re-enter your details.
This has happened to me since I first set up Sonos - first with a Play:5 only, then afterwards with a Connect:Amp in my set up. Sonos support has had me change wireless channels twice. It works great for a while, then it happens again. This time it just stopped playing and the app showed only one of the two devices, It isn't my wireless network which is strong with no interference. I've spent more time troubleshooting Sonos than enjoying it.