Songs skipping

While playing music through my iPhone 7 iTunes playlist the music doesn't play all the way through. Different songs play for different lengths of time. Can someone help with this issue?

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Right now, Sonos is tracking an issue that occurs when the iOS device locks its screen. You can wait for the next update, or turn off screen lock until that release happens. Or, move the music off of the iOS device onto a computer, or NAS, or even in the cloud.
I have the same issue, songs skipping constantly. Some get about 30 seconds in, others play for longer then skip. Seems to have happened since the last update so can't be a coincidence.
In your case, I’d suspect the answer here may be more appropriate.
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I have the same problem
Then I’d recommend one of the two solutions I’ve provided.

If neither works for you, submit a diagnostic from your controller app, and either post the number here, or call in to Sonos on their M-F phone hours, or try the 24/7 Twitter or Facebook support.
My iphone 8 does the same, if the screen times out and locks the songs from my playlist cut short but if I keep the screen unlocked and open songs play to the end as they should. I have only just installed Sonos so all updates are in place
Yes, re-read the second post in this thread.
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Hi folks,

If you're having trouble streaming from iOS devices, please see my post here about the fixes included in version 9.1, released today.
Still the same, the update has made no difference ?
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Still the same, the update has made no difference ?

The update worked for some folks, but not for all. We're still investigating. You can disable AirPlay on and non-Sonos devices in your home, or disable the auto lock feature on your iOS device to get streaming from iOS device storage working again. The best option is to sync your iOS library with the iTunes on a computer then set up a music share.
Same issue of songs not playing till the end...Issue has been going on for a while (probably more than 6 months) despite numerous updates, no joy. Can't do your autolock feature off (I can but I'm not allowed to). Diagnostic 113964417.
Can you turn off AIrPlay 2 devices on your network? That worked for me, turning off both my Apple TVs as AirPlay 2 targets. I wasn't using that feature at all, Sonos was more important to me.
Thanks @Airgetlam, will follow your advice and see what happens.