Songs on NAS not showing under artist name

I'd welcome help about unexpected behaviour on some of my NAS-stored songs. I've reviewed everything appears to be correct as per this sticky:

Config overview:
Synology Diskstation with a share on it which Sonos has access to through a dedicated account. The music plays correctly from the share. Songs are in FLAC or MP3 format and have been tagged using MP3tag. Library includes collections of tracks that are not commercially released in specific folders which reflect the original source. Examples include subscription services I've used historically (e.g. DMC, Razor-maid) and non-commercial remixes and mashups (e.g. Soundcloud).

Songs that are located in any of the above collection folders don't appear if I search by artist name, even though they are correctly tagged. I can find them by song name, genre or by folder. Here's an example including path of one of the songs:

Path: //NAS-name/music/soundcloud/you should be dancing (walrus mix).mp3
Metadata Title: "You should be Dancing (Jojo Walrus remix)"
Metadata Artist: "Bee Gees"

Any thoughts on why they wouldn't appear under artist name? Thanks in advance

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Can you post a screenshot of the song's tags from mp3tag? This is from EasyTag which is my tagging tool.

Hello - here you go

This is what I get on the file properties option:

I should perhaps also advise that I'm using Mac OSX generally. As you're probably aware, MP3Tag is Windows and I have Parallels Desktop installed (I use MP3Tag and a few other progs within it). I've also copied the Info tab under Mac OSX which displays the same information:

Open the track in MP3Tag and click on it on the right. Then click File/Remove Tag. Save the file, then add the tag back in manually and see if that fixes it. I've had a few songs not show up properly (if at all) until I did that.
@BCM many thanks - it seems that works. I just need to find a way of updating the tags for all 300+ files now (currently looking at the export and re-import of tags with a CSV file but getting "unable to read file" errors in MP3tag).
It is really easy to retag with MP3Tag (at least by album/artist grouping). If you right click the folder you want to edit and choose MP3Tag, the contents of that folder will open in MP3Tag. You can then sort the listing any way you want by clicking on the column header. To change a group all at once, click the first track you want to change, point to the last track and hold down your shift key and click on that track. They will all light up. Make your change on the left and click the save icon.

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