Songs keep restarting songs over and over

  • 14 December 2016
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I've owned sonos for a few years now. For some reason even with rebooting my wifi my songs restart from beginning over and over. I stream spotify, amazon, and pandora. It's driving me nuts! Please help.

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38 replies

Happens to me using Amazon Unlimited..diagnostic #7120689
FYI... I do not currently own a Sonos but I just wanted to let all of you know that I have this exact problem listening to Amazon music in the web browser. My computer is connected via wire, not wireless and I have fiber to the house (100meg down/50meg up). It is NOT us. I think Amazon has it set to restart the song when the buffer runs out due to 'Their' network. IMO the problem needs to be addressed by Amazon.

I was searching for a solution to my problem and came across this thread. Created an account to give you all a heads up 😉
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Hey guys, we are currently tracking an issue related to how we handle errors in the music stream. For the integration we use with Amazon this is restarting the song instead of trying to resume or cutting out. We will be fixing this in a future update but I can't give you an e.t.a on this yet. Having said that, this will only happen when there's an error, so we can alleviate the issue to some extent by ensuring your network communication is running as smoothly as possible. Try connecting a player to your router directly and seeing if you still get the problem. If you do, we might not be able improve it until that software is released. If not, then we want to aim to improve the wireless communication. Have a read through this article on interference and follow the instructions there.

Send us a diagnostic after that and we can see if there's stll any improvements to be made.

Happens to me using Amazon Unlimited..diagnostic #7120689
You don't really have any interference to speak of but your router is very slightly struggling to talk to the Sonos as the range seems to be quite high. I would advise trying the Sonos just a bit closer to the router and seeing if that helps.
Same problem as everyone else using Amazon Unlimited. My diagnostic number is #737505 and my PLAY:1 is connected via a short ethernet cable to a nearby router. It also uses a static local IP and my online provider is Comcast using their Blast! high speed network. Thanks for any solution or suggestion.
Hi AP0LL0, welcome to the Community and thanks for the diagnostics. The PLAY:1 is waiting for an uninterrupted flow of data to be sent to it, but the stream keeps running out, sort of like a car that's running out of gasoline. Is the PLAY:1 hardwired to the main ISP router, or is it attached to a second access point or router? Temporarily hardwire it to the main Comcast router and try the same music tracks that were skipping for you before. Let us know how the test turns out.
Hi Sonos staff,
I am also encountering the same issues mentioned in this thread. I'm using a 2 speaker PLAY:1 wireless setup while attempting to stream from the Amazon Music Station. I've been continuously streaming from the same station for some time now and the issue started 2 days ago in which the song being played will continuously restart itself. I've tried changing all the recommended channels on my router and the same issue remains. There have been no changes to what is being connected to my network so I'm puzzled if it is interference, what it could possible be. My diagnostics number is #7391281. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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Hi kevfuscious,

Thanks for submitting that diagnostic. After review, it seems that the router controller and Sonos are losing its connection to the network during the stream, thus causing those audio interruptions. I would recommend doing a reboot of the router by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. After the connection fully restores please try playing music with the controller near the router. If you do not hear the dropouts when you are near the router, try moving further away and then playing audio. This is to see if the errors are range related.
Happening to me too and seems to be getting worse and worse. Listening on Amazing unlimited. Sonos bridge is immediately next to wireless router. Diagnostic confirmation is 7393929.
Thanks for the help Omar @ SONOS, but the same issue persists after I unplugged the router for more than 30 seconds and re-seated its power cable. Using my iPhone as a Sonos controller, I was next to the router when I started playing music again from the Amazon Music Service when the same issue occurred with the music restarting itself again. I've submitted another diagnostic for review, #7394059
Thanks for posting the diagnostics, dacajunchili and kevfuscious.

Can both of you temporarily wire one of your speakers to the router with an ethernet cable and test audio specifically to the wired player? Please let us know if the performance changes, and submit another diagnostic to us after testing the playback for several minutes.
Thanks Nico. I think the problem was from wireless interference as described in this article:

If there is a future software upgrade planned, please consider including code which would disable the wireless functionality whenever an ethernet cable is plugged into the Sonos unit.

In any case, my earlier issue is resolved and I appreciate your help.
I experience the same described issue now in 2019 when streaming my iPhone content to a stereo pair of Play:5 gen1...

diagnosis number: 734427057

help is much appreciated 🙂
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