Songs in playlist 'expire' from Deezer?

  • 21 July 2021
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this has been a problem I’ve had for quite a few years. from time to time songs on my playlist will no longer play. whenever they come up in the playlist, they get skipped. If I reorder the playlist to try to force the track to play, it will get skipped again. And again…. and again. This is not a case of jumping to the next track part way through. the entire track is just… not there. error message states:

“unable to play <track name>. the connection to Deezer was lost”

which is a fairly common error when there are network problems and tracks skip part way through, but the rest of the list will play fine. I can search for the exact same track on Deezer and re-add it to the play list, and it will play fine.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I could occasionally skip through the play list to verify each track is working correctly except that for some reason there is a limit on how many tracks can be skipped per hour and I get locked out for 24 hours if I exceed that.


any help greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Are these Sonos Playlists, or Deezer Playlists?

If the former, I suggest downloading my Sonos app (see profile), exporting your playlist to SoundIIZ format then import that back into Deezer directly via the soundiiz web site.

Full details at