Songs Connect box is unresponsive: All 4 Ethernet lights blink non-stop as soon as the power supply is connected!

  • 21 January 2019
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I have enjoyed my Sonos Connect box for more than 6 years. No issues in the past, until a few days ago. Without any obvious cause, the Sonos Connect became unresponsive and all attempts to recover it have failed. I have tried restarting the controllers/apps, switching ports on the router, restart of the router/internet, power cycling, etc. Attempts to use various button combinations on the front of the box to reset to factory settings have also failed. The only thing that the box does now is to blink constantly from the 4 ethernet port lights on the back as soon as the power supply is connected.

What does the non-stop blinking of the 4 Ethernet port lights mean? It does this with and without ethernet cables plugged in.
Is there any hope to recover the Connect box, or is this thing fried?
Does it have to do with a recent firmware/software upgrade performed in the background?

Thank you.

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LED states FAQ

Not sure if it's fried or not, but I'd recommend that you contact Sonos to discuss it.

It's unlikely that it has anything to do with an update.
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12 replies

LED states FAQ

Not sure if it's fried or not, but I'd recommend that you contact Sonos to discuss it.

It's unlikely that it has anything to do with an update.
Did you figure out the issue? My Connect box just started doing the exact same thing after I disconnected the power and then plugged it back in. It's also about 6 years old. I have 3 Connect boxes but only one just started doing this, other 2 are fine.
Did you ever find a solution here? I have the exact same issue?
Have you called Sonos?
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Same thing here. Anyone out there who has a solution for this? Any hints appreciated.
Same here: ZP90 with the blinkers on the back and no further signs of life. Anyone can help?
Probably no one in the community. I’ll repeat my previous question. Have you contacted Sonos Support?
Hi Bruce,
Thanks for responding.
No, I will do that tomorrow. Apparently today, the SONOS people in NL have a company event that made them shut down the phone support service a bit earlier.
I will report back what came out of that call tomorrow.

Heh. Holidays are the bane of any worldwide company. There's always random holidays that the US folks don't understand. I used to work with teams in Bangkok and Bengaluru, and all three locations had different times they were off.

You can always try the 24/7 support options of Twitter or Facebook. While not as "direct" as a phone conversation, it's hard to believe they'd be "out of the office'". They may not respond in your native language, but your English seems superb.
Ok, I called support and after trying a reset (it failed) the support person declared my 8 year old unit dead.
He sent me a mail with a link that starts a replacement process. If I send the broken unit, I can get a new one for 279 Euro instead of 399.
Suspecting it was the power supply that was broken, I opened the unit and found a blown capacitor. I will try to replace that one first (a few euro's at most)

Fixed! After replacing two capacitors (one of which was clearly blown) I tried the unit again, but with no luck. I then tried the option that is described here. That worked for me. It is a pity that Sonos does not want to repair these types of issues. In this case it would have meant a repalcement of the power supply board. Oh well. I am happy not having spent 279 euro’s on a new unit.



I had the same problem. The power supply was damaged. I implemented a low-tech solution, by
adding two external power supplies, 3.3V and 15V. I cut the wires from the power supply board and connected them to the  external power supplies instead.


Red: 3.3v+
Black 3.3v GND
Yellow 14.8v+
Brown 14.8v GND

I got the Powersupplies from Amazon:

Alimentazione 9,9W 3,3V 3A ; MeanWell, RS-15-3,3
Alimentazione 15W 15V 1A ; MeanWell, RS-15-15


Now it works like a charm :-)


220V connected to the external powersupplies
15 V (yellow/brown) and 3.3V (red/black) connected to the PowerSupply