Song not encoded correctly, etc. nonstop messages, yet can stream radio stations fine...beyond annoying

  • 25 June 2019
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Sonos worked perfectly for years, so not sure what has happened. only change is we recently added 2 Nest outdoor cams on the same network, though I don't think the timing was exact. we have fiberoptic internet at 100mb download speed so I can't imagine poor signal is an issue. our system is Sonos 5 with 3 Sonos 1 speakers throughout house. all worked fine before. I can stream radio stations through the Sonos Controller and play music through Airplay just fine on all speakers. the problem is when trying to stream Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon through the Sonos Controller. It plays for 10 sec then get the encoded error or queue error every time. tried wiring the Play 5 through the router but not sure if was done correctly, do I plug it into the ATT box/router or the Linksys Velob router that actually transmits the wifi network we use? I put the nest cams on a separate wifi network to no avail. I have contacted Sonos support on the phone and they they said it must be a dns issue. my dns is set to auto everywhere.
newest diagnostic support # is 723526991
at my wits end

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