Sometimes some speakers don't appear in Sonos app

  • 4 March 2017
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Hi, I have 2 rooms equipped with Sonos. Sometimes it happens to me that I can see only one room in Sonos app on iPad, however, I see both on iPhone at the same time (or vice versa). So for example today morning I was lying in bad, wanted to play music, however I saw only living room in Sonos app in iPhone. So I had to get up, find iPad and play it from Sonos app on iPad.
Any ida what to do with that?

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5 replies

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Hi Jakudo,

Welcome to the Sonos community

I live in a Apple house too, some times when I pick up an Apple product the Sonos app does not see my system. If I shut the app down (quit or swipe up on the phone) and restart the app all is well. Never thought much about it really. Maybe someone will chip in some other advise?
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I've tried that but it doesn't work (restarting the app), however, it fixes itself somehaw through the time. When it happens, I have ether to use another iOS device or sestart the Sonos speaker.
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Try turning off "WiFi assist" on your phone.