Some speakers (and room) no longer showing up in the controller

  • 17 March 2019
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My Sonos has suddenly gone awry. I went to start streaming music through my living room, but I can no longer select My living room as it does not show up in my list of rooms.

It seems as though only my sub in being recognised by the app. I also have a PlayBar and two Sonos Play 1s (older version) connected together as a surround system with my TV.

The PlayBar still plays the TV sound as it's connected, but I think 3 of my speakers are no longer on the wifi network. I also have a separate room in my study, with a solitary Sonos One that is still recognised by the app. I have reset my modem/router and powered off / on the three Sonos speakers that are no longer being recognised. Nothing has worked. I have reset my phone / macbook as well and updated the apps.

In the app, this is what I see:

How can I fix this?

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5 replies

Try unplugging all of your Sonos equipment, and then reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in your Sonos, and wait a minute or two, then check to see if they all show up in your controller.
I too am having this problem, and am getting increasingly annoyed at this Sonos gear being so tempremental.
I recently applied a firmware update to my Netgear wireless router (might you have done this too? Not sure if this is the cause).
After that, as is the case after almost any hick-up in its configuration, my Sonos app at first couldn't find any Sonos system on my network at all. After restarting a couple of things, I got the Sonos app to come alive, but it only saw one of my 8 rooms.
It's also annoying that pretty much every Sonos tech support response is "go and power cycle everything and reboot everything". I have Sonos speakers up on high shelves, in every room in a large house. I don't really appreciate having to go climb around and unplug things to make up for the fact that Sonos can't write reliable software. This even happens after a simple power failure.
I have lots of other wi-fi connected gear in my home. Smart TVs, smart thermostat, smart webcams, etc. NONE of them had any problem with my router firmware update. It's only the Sonos gear that freaks out. This is true after pretty much any hick-up. What's wrong with the folks at Sonos???
I've never had an issue with an update of firmware on my Netgear router and a disconnect of my Sonos speakers (18 of them).

I have, however, set up reserved IP addresses for all of my network equipment in my router's DHCP table.
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Might be a good idea to take some steps to try to avoid the power loss or update time Sonos issues.

Many have found that using their router's DHCP settings page to assign static/reserved IP addresses to each Sonos device results in the system recovering from power or update events with no manual rebooting necessary.

As to what is behind this issue I can't say, spent many hours poking and prodding my network trying to see why it was happening and failed to see a reason. Took the 10 minutes needed to do the static/reserved IP address trick and haven't had an issue since.

It would be great if Sonos made this go away but until then...
Thanks to all for the suggestions. Unfortunately, that approach did not work. I'm in direct contact with Sonos support to try and fix the issue.