Some albums not appearing in Sonos library

  • 5 February 2019
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I have al my music on a NAS which I have successfully connected to and scanned library. However, some albums simply dont appear. One example is Alanis Morisette:

When I look in the Sonos library, only one of the albums is there:

Oddly enough, when I search for a track on the missing album, the song is there. If I right click the song and select info and options, then no artist or album title is shown:

If I double click on it, it starts playing and even lists the artist and album correctly:

This has happened for a number of albums that I have which are essentially missing from the Sonos library. It seems very strange - has anyone got any ideas??

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2 replies

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Rerun the index, submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos support on twitter as they are staffed 24x7 and get it looked at.
Are they in the Folders view in the Sonos library? If so then it is probably the album metadata that is the problem.