Some albums/artists will not play "blah blah not found"

  • 30 October 2016
  • 10 replies

Certain albums or artists error on trying to play since Sierra update. Radio works. file sharing on. firewall accepting sonos. changed computer name to under 15 characters. Most albums/artist work. It seems to be random ones downloaded through iTunes.

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10 replies

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Go to Help > Error Log. Copy and paste one of the pertinent error messages here.
10/29/16, 8:31 PM
Unable to play '17 Black Hole Sun (Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, ON April 20, 2011).m4a' - cannot connect to //kendricks-MacBook-Pro/Music because the server cannot be found.
10/29/16, 7:51 PM
'//kendricks-MacBook-Pro/Music' is no longer available. The device where the music files are stored may not be powered on, or the path may have changed.
Go to Manage > Music Library Settings to check the path name
Since the source is a MacBook, the MacBook has to be awake and operating when you try to play a song. If it is asleep or turned off, Sonos will not be able to access its drive and will kick an error. You can prevent this by making sure the MacBook is always on, by getting a NAS drive to hold your local library, or by loading your music to a cloud service like Google, Amazon, or Apple music (Amazon and Apple music require a subscription or fee).
The MacBook is on and awake when these errors occur. I was trying to play them through the queue. I am also working in other apps Safari and Photos. I have been using my Sonos system for over a year with issues until now. I have been able to get the MacBook recognized so the second error may be irrelevant. But again some albums/songs are not found? but others play with no problem(the majority of my library).
I meant no issues for over a year
Best to submit a diagnostic shortly after the error occurs and post the reference number here. Sonos will then get back to you.
OK. Thank you.
Diagnostic reference #6698268.
The computer name could be too long for SMB file sharing.
Hi kosmith, thanks for submitting the diagnostic. The report is showing an error resolving the computer
name. As ratty pointed out above, the computer name "kendricks Macbook Pro" is likely too long. The link ratty posted outlines the parameters we'd like to see, essentially less than 15 characters, no spaces or special characters (i.e. kendricksMBP).

Can you change the computer name, reboot your Mac, then let us know the results?