So many problems with the Roam!

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It seems that we also ended up with a Roam paperweight. This speaker has been nothing but trouble since we purchased it at Christmas. It seems like a ton roam speakers are plagued with similar issues. 

I have been a Sonos fan for years. I have gone through app changes and models becoming not usable and needing to upgrade.  I love the tone and the sound they produce.  But I am going to say these Sonos Roams are a piece of crap.  I bought 4 of them. One for me and 3 for gifts.  They cut in and out. Get loud then soft.  Play when they shouldn’t.  I went outside and it was just playing one day.  No music attached to it.  My friends (who I am introducing them to Sonos) are saying Bose is much better.  I am so disappointed in the $150 speakers.   For that price you should get quality.   I tried to call customer service but who has that type of time.  I am so disappointed.   I might just send them back.  

roam sucks. i also like the other sonos products but more than half the time the roam does not work. i have two of them and i have to reset the stereo option all the time to get either of the speakers to work. 

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I have a pair of roams mainly used as bathroom stereo pair only issue I had was battery drain early on since update they last around a month before I charge them 

I turn them on they pair in stereo and work as intended like the rest of my sonos products 

Very happy with them.. 

I have a pair of roams mainly used as bathroom stereo pair only issue I had was battery drain early on since update they last around a month before I charge them 

I turn them on they pair in stereo and work as intended like the rest of my sonos products 

Very happy with them.. 

Yes same here for me too - the Roams work fine and the new ‘battery saver’ option keeps them both charged for ages. Their stereo pairing has been greatly improved too. If I manually put one Roam into sleep mode - it immediately restores the ‘pairing’ when I wake it up again.  

I unfortunately had horrible problems with my roam. Beyond all the issues discussed in this thread ultimately the roam caused an issue with my entire Sonos ecosystem. After hours of playing with it I decided to return it. And I’m scared to try another one. I’m worried it might ruin / corrupt my entire set up and I won’t be able to recover again. 

The Room is defective---I just returned one it worked once. Took forever to go through replacement process, and I the new one doesn't work either. At first it worked for a few minutes. Then it went to Bluet tooth and I had to reset it to get it off. Then it would not sync with system and said off-line. Did another reset. Then listed to if for an hour. Next day offline again. Reset again, reset router. Was using it tonight for 25 minutes and then powered it off bc I did not have it pugged in bc I was walking around house --now it is won't turn back on just like the one I returned--it was on full batter, but seems like a battery charge issue---this is not a cheap product and is unacceptable 

I also had two Sonos one just go kaput out of the blue, and Sonos won't return on bc out of warranty---

It took me 20 emails and many calls to get the replacement id id great customer care and the hours of operation are not like most companies


We received our Roam last week and have had endless problems with it, which haven’t been solved by Sonos Customer Services.

Initially, it wouldn’t connect to our existing Sonos system at all. Then when it did, the speaker didn’t work properly - it was really tinny with no bass, and when we tried to change the volume there was an awful scratching noise.

We eventually managed to play music normally - but the it cuts out every 3-5 minutes!! On the Sonos app it still says music is playing, and the buttons on the Roam don’t work.

This happens whether it’s on Bluetooth or wifi. Other problems include not being able to turn it off, and the buttons sporadically not working at all.

We spent 45 minutes on hold to CS, and then 2.5 hours chatting with a very nice but ultimately unhelpful technician who remote-accessed our router settings and tried everything he could to get it working. This resulted in us having no internet…. because he changed our router to modem mode, which meant nothing else connected to the router worked! He then told us to call our ISP - even though it’s clearly a problem with the Roam and not our wifi network.

We’ve had no problems with our other Sonos speakers. But although I am loathe to call CS again but I’m going to have to to return this obviously faulty item. Sort it out Sonos!

Are these common problems or is it just us? How do you get Sonos to acknowledge that something is faulty?

I had the same issue, so the problem isn't unique it rampant. The volume reduces everytime I recieve a email or text on my phone. I have a Samsung galaxy s21. The music is still playing thru the roam the volume is so reduced I can't hear it. If I hit thr volume button on the roam it increases. But as soon I recieve another text, the volume reduces again. Sonos DOES NOT HAVE A SOLUTION!! and are unwilling to admit it. I wasn't $168 on a speaker I can't use. So I share your frustration. I was also left on hold for over 30 minutes and just hung up. I have over 6 Sonos speakers but will never but won't buy another again. The customer service is horrid and to release the new speaker without vetting all the issue in beyond redemption.  

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Hi @hanajohnson878,


I can assure you that the issues you mentioned are not common, nor should they be expected. I’ve asked that your open case with our support team get escalated to a senior agent. You should receive a response from them in the next day or so.

As you can see from the thread, and personal experience, these issues ARE common. And continue to be.