So many problems with the Roam!

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My roam simply doesn’t make any sound (both music and chimes). I can see that a song is playing. Any idea what to do?

jgatie - this is one specific topic titled “So many problems with the Roam!”


Look for anything involving Roam Battery, Roam Dead, Roam Charging, and many more key words. There are pages of different issues and all go back to a lot of people buying the Roam and it’s defective.


Your other examples of crappy Sonos products makes me seriously consider my future plans for home entertainment electronics though. Appreciate that info.


Add up every post on the Roam and you still won’t get 75 pages and 1800 posts (not to mention the dozens of other threads about that Playbar problem).  And I guarantee you there are far more Roam owners than Playbar owners out there.  Fact is, the vast majority of Roam owners, including me, have no problems.  Otherwise, you’d see what you saw for the Playbar and then some.  

And one problem (the other was a Samsung fault) with one product that was fixed within a few days does not a "crappy" product make. 

I am having the exact same problems. Again tried CS and still not working. I’ve kinda given up on getting it fixed. Use it when it works and use my other speakers when it doesn’t. 

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You have 45 days to return your Roam.

Free shipping as well.  

If your other Sonos speakers work fine, it is not your system that is at fault, it is their product.  

I’m having similar problems with my new Sonos Roam. Very frustrating as it routinely won’t operate. On/Off button is also poorly engineered. Need help to fix, a refund or a replacement. 

It’s perhaps best for you to contact your local Sonos Customer Support/chat online to Staff via this LINK. HTH

I’m trying to reconcile your statement with the fact that thousands of folks, including Ken, are using the product without issue. The conclusion I come to is that Ken is correct, either you have network issues to resolve, or, and significantly less likely, that there is an actual problem with your individual device. 

There are some questionable decisions taken in my mind, and some small portion of users seem to be having issues with the difference between asleep and off, but there do appear to be many that continue to use the device without any problems.

Yep, as Bruce mentions the Wife and I have two Roams working perfectly here, and my Son and Daughter also have one each at their Homes. Each of our setups work fine on both the LAN and/or Bluetooth connections.

There’s ‘perhaps’ little doubt in its worldwide production/roll-out that some small percentage of Roam units may encounter a fault, but that can happen with every/any similar product and in that case a product exchange will clearly work and resolve the issue, but if the LAN environment is the problem and the stated system requirements are not met, then a product exchange is just not the answer. 

We all want things to work straight out the box, but sometimes that may not always be the case, especially as some features on a LAN maybe switched off ‘by default’ on some routers, or a user has altered a setting themselves on their network, or mobile device. 

However my own personal experience is these Roam portable speakers work just fine and I think some folk forget that these are multi-room wireless/bluetooth computerised networked speakers with lithium-ion powered batteries - they do far more than normal Bluetooth speakers and have the following outlined features (not an exhaustive list):

  • Waterproof 
  • Auto-Trueplay 
  • Apple Airplay 
  • Wireless Audio
  • Sound Swap
  • Bluetooth (with line-in/pass-through to WiFi audio)
  • Stereo pairing & grouping.
  • 10+ hour playback battery life
  • Built-in mic with voice assistant (Alexa/Google)
  • Available in Black/White colours
  • Wireless Qi/USB-C charging

These portable speakers will work for the ‘majority’ of folk straight out the box, but like any network devices you may have to switch on/off things that have been switched off/on, either by default. or by the user themselves… such as ‘multicasting’, as mentioned in the example in my previous post. 

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Sonos claims it will work independently as a Bluetooth device or with your other Sonos speakers as part of your system.  This product does neither properly.  That is a product issue, not a setup issue.  My iPhone could not even connect with it as a simple Bluetooth speaker.  Lemons happen, this is one.  The Product Manager responsible for the Roam didn’t do his/her job, simple as that.

Like you I returned my Roam because it didn’t meet my expectations. 

But come on man one can’t take your personal experience and say they whole product is bad, this simply isn’t true and IMO not really helpful to discussion here. 

That said I encourage you to keep posting your experience with the Roam as it is as valid as the other few posters who rave about it. 

We received our Roam last week and have had endless problems with it, which haven’t been solved by Sonos Customer Services.

Initially, it wouldn’t connect to our existing Sonos system at all. Then when it did, the speaker didn’t work properly - it was really tinny with no bass, and when we tried to change the volume there was an awful scratching noise.

We eventually managed to play music normally - but the it cuts out every 3-5 minutes!! On the Sonos app it still says music is playing, and the buttons on the Roam don’t work.

This happens whether it’s on Bluetooth or wifi. Other problems include not being able to turn it off, and the buttons sporadically not working at all.

We spent 45 minutes on hold to CS, and then 2.5 hours chatting with a very nice but ultimately unhelpful technician who remote-accessed our router settings and tried everything he could to get it working. This resulted in us having no internet…. because he changed our router to modem mode, which meant nothing else connected to the router worked! He then told us to call our ISP - even though it’s clearly a problem with the Roam and not our wifi network.

We’ve had no problems with our other Sonos speakers. But although I am loathe to call CS again but I’m going to have to to return this obviously faulty item. Sort it out Sonos!

Are these common problems or is it just us? How do you get Sonos to acknowledge that something is faulty?

I have the EXACT same issues! The Roam have been pretty much unusable. I have been waiting for updates to solve the issues but none of the updates have fixed the problems. I need to do a hard reset (power button for ~13s) every single time i wan't to use it. Then it makes scratching noises, the buttons stop working constantly, the sound get all weird from time to time.

 @James L. Can you please help me resolve my issue? How should i proceed?

Bruce, this thread has about 70 posts complaining of the same problem so it is not a sample size of 1.  I have no idea what James L is basing his conclusion on - he doesn’t say - but my guess is that where there are 70 folks who have gone to the trouble to log in and explain a problem, there are many, many more who haven’t bothered.  I have been experiencing issues with my Roam since I got it but this is the first time I’ve bothered to post, out of sheer frustration.  I will call customer service on Monday and I expect return this product…  

I’m having issues too, first roam went offline, got it back on somehow. This time it started a loud static noise that we couldn’t stop using any of the buttons on the speaker. Now it’s offline again! Nothings working. Very dissatisfied with it. Now what?

Perhaps if you’re invested in the Sonos ecosystem the value proposition is different, but as a first-time Sonos buyer it had the opposite of what I assumed was the intended effect of bringing in a new customer, and instead alienated one for life.

I’m sure Sonos is a decent brand all in all, it does obviously have it’s fierce promoters/defenders as evidenced every time one dares to question the QA. But this is a thread about the very real shortcomings of a specific product, not a general philosophical debate about the brand. 

My own experience very much mirrored the posts here. Just a huge time-suck of trying to get it configured, to connect, and then after it finally did - work consistently. It never did, so I returned it. Maybe other folks have endless time to devote to making gadgets work in their advertised, intended way but I simply don’t. Got my money back, but the time is lost forever.

One faulty product does not a crappy brand make, but based on my own experience with the Roam as a first Sonos product, I’ll never touch anything made by it. Pretty bad “halo effect” for the cheapest product in the lineup.

It didn’t help that the actual sound quality was mediocre at best. It was embarrassing putting it side by side with my buddy’s Bose 3 yr old Soundlink. (And I’m no Bose fanboi either!)

To be charitable, maybe a Roam II will be better but I definitely steer anyone in the market for a portable speaker away from this iteration.

Same. What a mess. Just wanted a good quality Bluetooth speaker. Always a hassle to get connected and usually give up. 

Similar story. I purchased two Roam units to add to my existing Sonos (generation 2) ecosystem.

First one is flawless, the second one has issues:

  1. Goes to orange-white status whenever stereo paired to the other Roam. It does not matter which is the primary one to initiate stereo pair.
  2. Audio cuts out and there is a periodic (scratching?) sound. App thinks everything is fine.

I’ve tried numerous things:

  • Reboot
  • Reset
  • Use iOS device for setup
  • Turn off WiFi when resetting
  • Remove units as BT devices from phone

I tried Sonos chat last night and went through all the questions and the bot finally said no agents are available. I will call support at 10 AM when they open today.


A potential root cause: When the second Roam was going through the initial software update, I switched to another app on my Android device. It did complete and I did not think much of it, but I do not have any other leads other than a hardware fault with the second one.

I wish there was a way to get the device to actual factory setting with the original software, downgrade the software, or reinstall the software. But it appears the software update overwrites the firmware and there is no downgrade/reinstall procedure.

I am having problems with the Roam and getting it to connect to my network.

Very frustrating, I have not had so many problems with other Sonos products

I'm sure Sonos, the billion dollar a year company approaching 2 decades of existence, will survive the dozen or so posts in this thread.


You’re right, no tech companies ever fail once they’ve been around long enough. That’s totally how it works.

Arrogance, complacency, and hubris: the hallmarks of any great company with a long future ahead. lol


Thanks for making my day! :-)

Call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.



You’re right, no tech companies ever fail once they’ve been around long enough. That’s totally how it works.

Arrogance, complacency, and hubris: the hallmarks of any great company with a long future ahead. lol


Thanks for making my day! :-)


If I had a nickel for every time someone has said Sonos is going to fail due to some perceived humanistic traits that by definition cannot apply to a nameless, faceless corporation, I could afford a new Sonos Five. We’ve been laughing at posts like that for over a decade.  So no, thanks to you for making my day!

How were you able to get Sonos to exchange your Roam?  I spent a half hour on the phone with CS and got to a point where they wanted me to reconfigure my wifi system.  I have several other Sonos speakers and they work fine.  When I first got the Roam a few weeks ago, it worked on my system  I was out of town for a couple of weeks and when I returned, I have been unable to connect my Roam to my Wifi and also unable to use the bluetooth function.  I have followed every step to reset it and it doesn’t work.  All I wanted was to have my Roam exchanged and I am being told they won’t because they think my wifi system isn’t configured correctly.  Everything else connected to it works other than my Roam.  Appreciate the help.

If the Staff believe a ‘product-exchange’ will just result in the same outcome until you perhaps reconfigure your setup to meet the system requirements, perhaps that’s their reasoning🤔, but you haven’t explained the actual network issue in your post?

Is it a QOS, Airtime Fairness, Multicasting, DHCP server, or some other issue? The fact other devices work, maybe irrelevant, particularly if they are running on SonosNet (which Roam doesn’t use), or are setup on S1 HH, or your router is having difficulties leasing IP addresses, for example etc. etc.

No point CS sending you a replacement device if you just then face the exact same issues you have now? What was the actual issue with reconfiguring your setup to accommodate the product?

What were you being asked to change to get the device onto your system?

More information is needed to really comment further about the matter.

I’m a network engineer with every Sonos product in my house, my newly added roam keeps pausing randomly It seems to be 100% roam related. Where can I find the Sonos recommended Network settings ? I have a commercial grade WiFi setup in my house :) 

I would like to echo this thread because I am having so much trouble with my SONOS ROAM as well, every morning I need to, always, always FIX the connection between ROAM and my mobile. Every freaking day I am asked to push 2 buttons to reset this speaker and set it up again and again. I am beginning to hate it, then I would always try to remember that I really wanted this and I thought of it hard to get me one. Because you see I am happy with my JBL collection but then this looks so nice and more expensive. So I thought I'd be happier, now I'm almost regretting it. HEY SONOS! Why can't you guys fix this thing??? 

Been a huge fan of Sonos until I bought the Roam…..What a disappointment with connectivity…Still cant get it to work…Back to Bose


Not likely to be part of your ROAM drama, but here are some details that you might enjoy.

Are your other SONOS units using SonosNet or WiFi?

Give us more detail about your network setup.

Been a huge fan of Sonos until I bought the Roam…..What a disappointment with connectivity…Still cant get it to work…Back to Bose

Admittedly, I’m wondering why you would want to return to Bose, because of a Roam connection issue, when you already have these Sonos products (listed below), according to your online profile, which was apparently created today:

  • Sonos Play:1
  • Sonos Play:5 (gen2)
  • Sonos Beam
  • Sonos Sub 
  • Sonos Amp

Surely you would likely be better off resolving the Roam connection issue.

Maybe just contact Sonos Support via this link instead…

You need a lesson in marketing 101 as well as customer service. 

The connectivity should be simple. Figure it out.