So many problems

  • 11 February 2019
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Sonos used to be a pleasure to interact with. Now every time I use it, I run into so much brokenness that I am close to just chucking the whole thing in the garbage.

I have an excellent Wi-Fi setup with a powerful signal that works everywhere in the house. And I've put other devices onto 2G for maximum compatibility with Sonos. No other device has problems with Wi-Fi anywhere.

Generically, I would have to say the most frustrating thing is that the error diagnostics are horrible. I get messages like "Unable to add the shared folder //MacBook/Music to your Music Library (1002)". But that's no help. The folder definitely exists and every other thing in the description of error 1002 is not a problem that my system could possibly have (My compiler is on and fully responsive, my wi-fi signal is very strong, and I am not running a firewall). And why in 2019 do I have to go look up error codes on the web anyway? This is 1970's stuff.

Among the problems I run into almost every time I try to use it:
- songs randomly stop playing in the middle and advance to the next song
- I can't put songs onto the queue
- I can't remove songs from the queue
- I can't get Sonos to import songs from my library (used to work, doesn't any more)

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7 replies

So, you don't want any assistance in rectifying your issues? Why did you post here?
I have an excellent Wi-Fi setup with a powerful signal that works everywhere in the house.
Unless you're running the Sonos system in WiFi ("wireless") mode, that's not relevant in the case of music dropouts. And if your WiFi is based on a meshed arrangement, operating Sonos in WiFi mode is typically not recommended.

I see no mention of your having submitted a system diagnostic after a malfunction, and of consulting Sonos tech support.
Yes, I am running it in wireless mode and no, it's not in a meshed arrangement.
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Can you ethernet cable one of your Sonos components?
System diagnostic is 816806983
Duplicated post from this thread:
Not a duplicated post. This one reports several problems. And the other one is not my post, and in any case there could be added value in connecting this set of problems to the problem reported there.