SMB Share -- Unable to Connect after Indexing Library

  • 7 November 2016
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I have my iTunes library ion my iMac shared with my Sonos via SMB share, which has been mostly working fine. I had to switch to this SMB share setup from the traditional about a year or so ago (maybe less) due to the way you changed your sharing permissions. The new protocol would not prevent my iMac from sleeping when playing music. Switching to SMB share solved that issue. However, now I have recently started having issues with the SMB share:

Lately, after indexing my music collection my Sonos for some reason is no longer able to connect to my library when playing music. I can workaround the issue by re-adding the library all the time, but this takes hours and is a HUGE inconvenience. Why is this happening suddenly and how do i fix it?


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5 replies

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Hi, Walkychalky. As SMB is no loner the recommended method by which to share your music, opting to do so can cause issues with your library. However, using the recommended setting and method should have no implications for your ability to adjust your power saving settings on the Mac. Can you please tell us what happens when you try to adjust the power saver settings? We'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Thanks in advance.
I have it setup as an SMB Share due to reasons found on my original topic related to this issue:

I am not sure why you changed it so now I have to greatly reduce the lifetime of my equipment just to stream some music. It's pretty ridiculous. And now you've gotten rid of the workaround?? Give me a break.

How can i stream music from my iMac without having to chnage my settings so my iMac doesn't sleep??? iMacs need sleep.
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Never tried it -
That looks far more complex than what I need. Feels a bit like trying to kill a fly will a shotgun.

I just want my iMac to stay awake when Sonos is playing music from my iTunes library and to sleep as per the energy saver settings when Sonos is not playing music from my iTunes library. The way it originally worked out of the box. It's quite simple, really...
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Rather than relying on your Mac at al, or waiting around for some power solutionl, copy your itunes folder over to a low cost WD Mycloud NAS. Now you'll have a backup of your music, your Sonos music library will be reliably wired to the router, and your Mac can sleep whenever you want it to.