Smartphone drops off wifi after installing sonos systrm

  • 27 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I have 2 issues.
1.iPhone dropping wifi
2. music stops playing randomly

1. My iPhone keeps dropping my wifi connection since installing my new Sonos system. I recently set up a play bar and 2 x Play 1 speakers in my livingroom. These are all connected wirelessly to my network as my router is in the study (next to livingroom).
Can an I get the sonos system and my devices to not share my bandwidth (I assume this is the problem)? I've never had any wifi or bandwidth speed issues before.

2. I'm also having issues with playback when listening to my music through the sonos app on my devices. The music will randomly stop and the sonos app shows I'm not playing any music.

Any advice would be great.


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1 reply

1) Since you can't connect one of your speakers to your router with an ethernet cable easily, you could purchase a Boost, and connect that to your router with an ethernet cable, which would move all of the Sonos traffic over to SonosNet. I'd recommend making sure that the band that SonosNet operates on is at least 5 channels away from whatever your router is using, so there's a smaller chance of interference between the two. And make sure the router is locked down to a single channel.

2) It sounds like you're experiencing internet interference (see answer 1) which means that the speakers are losing connection to your wifi, and consequently dropping the music. I think if you do what I suggest in step 1, you'll see a significant reduction, if not cessation of that.

Additional comments:

The phone losing wifi may or not be related. There's a lot of potential concerns there. You may want to examine the router to make sure it can support multiple devices simultaneously (some have a setting for that). I'd also recommend reserving specific IP addresses for your speakers, to avoid the problem of duplicate IPs being given out.

And if you're continuing to have issues, doing a diagnostic with 10 minutes of experiencing the issue and then posting the number here will give the folks from Sonos a lot of additional insight into what might be going on. Me, I'm just guessing, based on what basic information you've provided.