Smarthub and Sky wifi box

  • 7 February 2018
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Think this has been covered slightly some time ago but wondered if any further developments. I have had the new Smarthub for about a month now and all is fine (the wi-fi is better than the Hub5 which was also good), my broadband speed has reduced slightly from an average of 45 to around 40 but still good and that is more of a coincidence than the router I think. The problem I am having, and it is more of an irritancy than a major problem, is that my Sky wifi device that connects my Sky box to the internet keeps disconnecting. I believe this is a fairly common problem (I had no issues at all with the Hub5) and have read that assigning a static IP to the device via the hub manager will probably solve the problem. Here is the difficulty (and I'm sure you will have heard this before) I change to 'always use this IP' in the hub manager and am prompted via an orange display to save, it then says saving, then the orange display comes back on urging me to save the changes. I've tried about 20 times and the changes will simply not save. It is making a very easy and quick task very frustrating.
Any ideas?

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