Slow Cover Art Retrieval (new)

  • 3 February 2017
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We have a seven zone Sonos system at home with a Boost. About 650 CD's ripped to NAS (FLAC and ALAC, all cover art is embedded in the files, no folder jpeg's). Unto very recently cover art display was quite rapid; it has mysteriously slowed down considerably. The network (router) is the same, the NAS is the same. This slow retrieval occurs on the main iMac in one of the zones (Play 1 speaker) as well as the IPad used as a dedicated control point in the main listening area (Sonos Connect).
The Boost is located in the main listening area is connected to the router via a network switch; not sure if this has anything to do with it (again this is where it has been). I understand from the forums that artwork comes via the selected Sonos player??

any thoughts on this? music playback is fine, album loading seems fine. Just the glacial artwork.

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1 reply

Library art comes via the 'Associated ZP' (see in About My Sonos System) not the selected player. Is the slow artwork intermittent? If so, see if it correlates with a specific Associated ZP.