Sleep Timer

  • 6 January 2017
  • 6 replies

I set me sleep timer for an hour and after about 10 minutes the playback stops. Well before the amount of time I set. I am listening to a podcast from my phone. When playback stops the podcast goes back to the beginning. Any help would be appreciated.

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6 replies

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I'm guessing your phone is going to sleep/hibernating and the podcast can't then be accessed. You'll either need to get the podcast from another source or stop the phone from sleeping
Wouldn't that apply anytime I was playing from my phone and locked the screen then? It's not like my phone should go to sleep in this situation.
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Try different streams NOT residing on your phone to see if you can eliminate that.
Like Stitcher or something?
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Yes, or a radio station. You may have an issue with your network but the fact that you are saying there's a problem playing podcasts that are on your phone and not mentioned other issues strongly hints it is a phone issue.

But can't hurt to prove it
what phone? if windows, that kind of shit is totally normal, all time, all day, all year around