sky remote pairs ok but pushing volume down turns volume up

  • 29 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Bought new playbar today. paired my sky remote no problem. However, when watching tv, if you push volume down on the sky remote, the volume on the playbar goes to max at the same time (you can watch this happening on the app) When the app/playbar volume hits max then the decreasing sky volume takes over and volume decreases to zero. This causes 2 problems: the volume gets louder before getting lower and also because the player volume is at max, there is not enough range between zero and if you turn volume up 1 click it can be too loud.

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3 replies

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Hi captmimo, welcome to the community.

Were you able to resolve this issue? If not, can you try with a different remote?
Let us know how it goes.
Hi Max P, thanks.

It turns out the sky remote is incompatible even after reconfiguring it. The easy work around is to leave the sky volume on maximum and pair the tv remote for volume control.

Loving the playbar it is great!

There is another issue that has cropped up however. Turn the tv speakers off (Sony Bravia) and selecting audio system option seems to have disabled the voice search ability of the YouTube app on the tv. This is not a hi he inconvenience as there are other options (stream YouTube from other sources) however the voice search was a highly usable feature ( for the most part it recognized what you were saying!) that I quite liked and used frequently. Do you have any suggestions to resolve that?

*huge* inconvenience