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  • 1 February 2019
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Sonos plays 1-2 minutes of a song and then skips to the next in the cue. If no song is next it plays the same song from the beginning. I stream from Apple Music.

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14 replies

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It's no problem at all. Please do keep me posted as to how you're getting on with this issue. Remember, if provided with the diagnostics confirmation number, we are able to look into the problem in greater detail. In your own time, of course.

Regarding the latter portion of your remarks: on a professional level, I can neither agree nor disagree with your statements regarding Apple. What I will say from my personal standpoint, however, is that I switched from Apple many years ago and to date, have not yet come to regret that decision.

All the best.
Thank you for the response. I will attempt to decipher each link. I still wish you and Apple could reach common ground. I know they are the 800 pound gorilla and I will accept they are the bigger part of the problem. They need to stop thinking they rule the world. If I were not so invested in them, I would change in a heartbeat. Like I said, since Steve Jobs passed, they are not the same. I understand that you can not disparage them on any thread. Not good for your business. No need to reply to that comment. I do appreciate your prompt response. It does show you guys care. Thanks
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Hi, Rageed. No need to apologise for the length of your post - I understand where you are coming from. Being invested in these products, you expect them to work, as one naturally would.

Wireless interference is an extremely non-specific term, I agree. However, if you look at my previous post, the staggered words (WiFi interference, Audio Playback Issues, Submit Diagnostics), are all links to individual articles explaining those aspects in greater detail. At the end of this post, you'll find the URL's posted in their entirety, for your convenience. Given that turning off the lock screen did not work, I do think some more in-depth troubleshooting is required. The articles below are a reasonable start and if they do not help, simply respond here with your diagnostics confirmation number. Thank you in advance.

WiFi Interference:

Audio Issues:

Submit Diagnostics:
And I have turned off auto lock screen. Not good for battery life. Still no difference.
Edward R,
I had a long post typed and it just disappeared. I hope this one does not. I thanked you for your response. It does show you guys are concerned about your customers. Without us, you are not much. I know because I own my own company. Unfortunately my household lives in the Apple universe. I loved them but now feel they have become the Evil Empire. Jobs understood customers satisfaction is all that mattered. Now he is gone. I digress. If Apple is making changes that screw you guys, that’s unfortunate. I ditched my Apple Extremes and replaced them with Netgear Orbi’s with mesh coverage just for this issue. Still songs drop. Too many devices (iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV’s) to check all configurations. You guys finally came out with speakers (after the people basically demanded it) that are Airplay compatible. Now are you saying do not use Airplay? On any device? And “WiFi interference” is such a nebulas term. Tell me how to submit “diagnostics“ and I will try. As I type, the streaming from my iPhone is flawless. But that is quite often not the case. So how would I submit diagnostics 1) from my iPhone X that works most of the time (most of the time is not good enough) or, 2) my entire Apple ecosystem? You and Apple need to come to terms where their updates do not disrupt how your system works. Way too many Apple users. I would think you guys have become large enough to dictate a few terms to Apple. Sorry for the lengthy post. Frustrated. Too much money invested in Apple and Sonos.
Yes, both Tidal and Deezer have both been suffering dropout issues over the past few days, so I would try again. I think the Tidal service maybe back online as of this morning, but there are still a few issues with Deezer in some areas.
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Another Sonos User, it appears I may have made an error in my previous response to you, in that we are currently experiencing widespread issues with Tidal playback on Sonos. You can stay informed as to the status of this outage here:

If the issue persists once the outage has been resolved, please refer to my previous advice. Thank you.
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Considering that your issue pertains to another method of playback altogether, your complaints concerning advice relating to WiFi interference are somewhat out of context in this thread. Audio interruptions are often caused by WiFi interference, yes. There's no switch we can flip to resolve WiFi interference in every household at once, which is why we work with our customers to fix these issues.
Diagnostics show potential causes for said interference. That's why we request them.

Have you tried submitting diagnostics or searching for WiFi interference in our support articles prior to making your post?

Please click these links for more information on the points you raised.

WiFi interference.
Audio playback issues.

As for the iOS playback issue, there is an ongoing problem at the moment with streaming from Apple devices, given some changes Apple implemented a couple of months ago. There are a couple of things you can try as a workaround.

Do you happen to have any other devices in your home that use AirPlay? If there are any other AirPlay devices on the local network (AppleTV, Sky Q Cable Boxes, AirPort Expresses, other AirPlay destinations), content streamed directly from "on this iPhone" will drop out and stop.
If that doesn’t work, you may wish to try turning off the Auto-lockscreen functionality.
Also, I have seen 100’s of similar complaints in multiple threads. ‘“This is likely due to WiFi interference.” Well, that certainly is a direct and concise answer. WTF do you mean by WiFi interference? That is the most broad, vague and worthless explanation a company could provide. You guys know full well what the problem. Literally hundreds of people have reported this problem. Instead asking another customer to “send a diagnostic” just fix it. You have been provided a plethora of “diagnostics.” All the same. Just fix it.
Not sure which thread to post to. But I totally agree with the many posters about iPhone playlist suddenly skipping to the next song. And Sonos’ response appears to be an arrogant statement that theirs is the best wireless system. Even say one response saying “hey, you don’t like it, try Bose or another system. Good luck.” Good customer service Sonos. Why not fix what is a glaring deficiency in your system instead putting the burden on your “ignorant” customers to fix it themselves.
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Hi there. Tidal is higher fidelity than internet radio, so would therefore be more sensitive to dropouts coming as a result of WiFi interference. Please see the advice from my previous response to this thread.
Correction. Skipping actually only occurs streaming from Tidal. Please advice.
Same problem here. Streaming from tidal and a regional danish provider causes skips in music. It’s not a WiFi issue as internet radio plays with no issue.
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Hi, Dennis. This is likely due to WiFi interference. This is often the cause of audio playback issues. If those links don't work, not to worry, we can certainly get to the bottom of this for you. Following any further occurrence of this issue or changes in your setup, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause. Many thanks in advance.