Skipping tracks halfway through songs....

I play songs on my iPhone and they skip halfway through, I hate this system!!! Any fixes? The last update has made it worse.

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I am likewise experiencing this issue. Completely absurd. I’m insulted.
Hi Jeff,

Ive seen your copy paste response. When does SONOS expect a software update that will fix this issue? I use my apple tv all the time so I do not want to disable my airplay. Nor should keeping my computer on wasting electricity of spending hundreds on a NAS be a solution.

Especially since SONOS markets itself as a premium audio company. Id expect the products to work.

Also any update on when SONOS will enable youtube in the primary app? I like listening to 1 hour mixes or customer streams.


Has this been rectified? I agree with Jeff 100%
Don't hold your breath, people. I've had a sonos system for years and they've never been able to fix this problem. I doubt they ever will. Playing songs from an iphone should be the main priority. They'll keep asking you to get error reports and blah blah blah. But nothing ever changes. Basically, don't bother playing songs that live on your iphone directly from your phone that you can carry around with you and manipulate (you know like you expect to do since 2007?). Sonos is 12 years behind the times.
My multiple Play 1's have been excellent for years and i have been looking recently at upgrading to Play 5 and soundbar. But then.....from today..... i have joined the many of you sonos fans with tracks skipping before they are finished.

Three months ago I upgraded to Sky Q but other than that nothing has changed to my system but sonos updates. Same router, signal booster, ipad and iphone and same location. Both Play 1's are effectively unusable!!

I always played through the ipad not iphone. So whats changed other than now having useless speakers??

What can we do? I have turned off airplay on skyQ but no change to the problem. Come on SONOS make this right or lose customers wholesale across the country.

I think you should understand if this becomes common knowledge you don't have a business!
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I suggest you read this article.

Removing the 'On this iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch' feature
Okay thanks but what is the date of the article.

Sounds like using the Sonos app is now a dead duck! Shame … it worked well for me.

I will reconfigure the ipad and try again.

Thanks for the heads up
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Okay thanks but what is the date of the article.

Today. They changed the Playing music from an iphone/ipad/or ipod touch article to removing the 'on this device' feature for iOS.

There was an announcement that was made.

Upcoming changes to ‘On this iPhone or iPad’ Playback
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So one of the main reasons I purchased 2 Play 1’s and a Play 3 was the ability to reliably stream music directly from my phone to one or multiple speakers in different rooms. They worked great for several years, best wireless speakers I ever had. Then I suddenly started having issues with them. Now I’m told one of the main functions behind my decision to purchase the speakers is being removed and in order to use the speakers as marketed I will have to replace them or spend hundreds of dollars to add on additional devices. Absolutely ridiculous and infuriating. I suppose next Sonos will announce they no longer support the original speakers. Had they shown an effort and expertise to fix problems and not blame everything on the consumers setup I had planned to buy many and place them throughout the house. Unfortunately I have lost confidence in Sonos and their ability to support their devices.
Are you kidding me?!? Sonos is removing the only feature I ever used: “On this iPhone”. The feature why I bought 3 of your expensive devices??

if I was treating my customers like you do with yours, I would not have any.

Is this really true?