Skipping songs and connectivity issues

  • 3 July 2017
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I have had my sonos set up (1 x play 1 & 1 x play 5) for around a year. I have always had issues getting connected to the speakers but once connected music playback was fine. Lately I have noticed that the end of each track is cut short (approx 20 secs) and that after 2 or 3 the music stops completely.

I've read a few other posts about the same issue and since changed my wireless channel but this hasn't helped. Do I need a boost in my set-up? Will this stop the issue?


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7 replies

Probably not, although there is a remote chance. My assumption is that your speakers are losing connection to the wifi in some fashion. That could be wifi interference, it could be duplicate IP issues, it could be something else.

Easiest and cheapest solution is to unplug the speakers, reboot the router, then plug the speakers back in. That will force them to get new IP addresses. You may also want to try changing your wireless channel again. Usually they recommend 1, 6 or 11, so as not to step on the other ones. It's possible that your neighbor happens to be using the same one you're currently using, and perhaps another one was using the older channel you were on. Never hurts to try, at least, and it's a low cost function :)

Many folks have found satisfaction for the long term by reserving IP addresses for their Sonos equipment in the router's allocation table. Since every router company does it differently, it's not something that can be built into the Sonos install procedure, but if you pull out your router's manual, there should be a section about it. Your speaker's IP addresses are in the "About My Sonos System" information

Finally, and also fairly easy, depending on how/where your speakers are set up, wiring one of them directly to the router might help. It would pull them off of your wifi network, and put them on their own "SonosNet" mesh network, so that they're not stealing bandwidth from your internal network, but just your router and modem.
Thanks for your response Bruce, I will give these methods a try (unfortunately due to location I won't be able to hard wire).
Is the boost then basically a last resort should these methods not work or am I missing something?
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Thanks for your response Bruce, I will give these methods a try (unfortunately due to location I won't be able to hard wire).
Is the boost then basically a last resort should these methods not work or am I missing something?

The Sonos Play units have wireless cards that allow them to connect to your Wi-Fi network - hence when you set-up your system you entered your Wi-Fi password. The Sonos players also create a separate wireless network called SonosNet. In your situation one of the players (1 or 5) will be connecting to the Wi-Fi and the other one will be connection to either your Wi-Fi OR the SonosNet depending on strength of signal.

If you connected a Boost to your existing system it is possible that this might improve your Play 1 and Play 5 connectivity but there are so many variables that, at least based on what you already said, nobody is going to give you a definitive answer.

The best advice would be to submit a diagnostic and post the number here after you have a problem. A Sonos rep, in the goodness of time (within a week) will review and let you know if they find anything therein that can help. Alternatively you could call Sonos and discuss with them directly - their tech support is pretty good.
Hi. Having the same issues as the above. Diagnostic sent: 7566281.
Thanks for your responses, I will give those ideas a go.

Rwkruger01 can you let me know the outcome of your diagnostics?

Thanks again,
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Hello rwkruger01, sclark90, unfortunately that diagnostic report has come through corrupted. This usually points to an issue with wireless interference or communication through the local network. Can you let us know what music sources these issues happen with and possible provide us confirmation numbers from a couple new diagnostic reports?
Tried all the above and still having issues, diagnostic submitted - 7733310. Thanks