Skipping Music

  • 29 September 2018
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I am extremely disappointed. I have loved my Sonos for years, I have found the quality and ease to be outstanding. However, very recently I started to get skipping on music played from itunes/music app (streaming appears ok) like sooo many people on this forum. I have tried everything to eliminate the problem including upgrading my iPad iOS, erasing iPad and loading everything manually, resetting internet through cable company, no less than four visits to Genius Bar, hours on the phone with Adler R from Sonos, and still my stored music skips. I am highly invested here as my music collection is priceless and my Sonos equipment was expensive.

Now I am being told from Adler at Sonos that because of a recent Sonos software change I must eliminate all of the airplay in my home. They are asking me to

1. Remove my cable box, which means I must break my cable contract, find a replacement cable service, lose a day waiting for new service and change something I have been content with for six years. Or I should eliminate cable tv all together from my life.

2. Throw out a high end Onkyo stereo receiver which drives speakers in another room. I would gladly replace that entire system, speakers and all with Sonos 5 if I had an ounce of confidence that Sonos would support me in the future.

3. Disconnect my Apple TV which means no more Netflix, HBO GO, or other Apple TV streaming.

Really? Do they also want me to surrender one of my children? How is this level of support from a great company like Sonos acceptable to them? How is it acceptable to RCN, Apple and Onkyo? Is my congressman aware of this anti trust like ploy to take 100% of my in home entertainment?

Shame on Sonos, as this is some sort of fight with Apple putting valued customers in the middle, or very very sloppy engineering.

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1 reply

Reset your Songs Controller. Go to 'Settings', then choose 'Advance Settings', then choose 'Reset Controller', a popup window appears titled 'Reset controller' and please select 'Reset". This will close the App. Then follow the instructions to restart the App, connect to an existing system to which you respond yes and start playing your music again. sometimes wireless interference will cause issues, so just do this and you will be fine. I have to do this every couple of weeks. Think I have over 20 wireless devices in my house - talk about congestion. This simple reset of the Sonos Controller will resolve things for a while and then when the music starts skipping again, just reset the controller. And remember to have a glass of wine after that and enjoy the music.