SiriusXM unable to browse music

  • 30 May 2020
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I have a Sonos system connected to SiriusXM. I also use Alexa. Recently, I was having trouble with Alexa connecting to Sirius. I resolved the issue by removing the skill from Alexa then adding the skill back. When I did that, it somehow knocked my SiriusXM off of Sonos. I enter the same username and password that works on Alexa, the Sonos controller on my Mac and the SiriusXM website through my Safari browser. But when I go to play through Sonos, it says that account is not recognized, I chatted online with someone at SiriusXM and they told me to uninstall and reinstall the Sonos app on my iPhone. When I did that, I no longer got the account not recognized message. I get the unable to browse music message. I submitted a diagnostic request through Sonos.Confirmation number 2133892682. This is what I think is going on: I know that I cant stream Sirius on two devices at the same time. So, I think when go to play on Sonos, it is somehow reading that I am streaming on Alexa even though Im not, Its probably the way Alexa is set up that it always has you “online” or “streaming”. Im not a technical person and I may be using the wrong lingo. Here’s what I want: I want to be able play Sirius XM on my Sonos system and I want to be able to play Sirius XM through Alexa. Not at the same time but I want the apps to automatically connect me when I want to use one or the other. If I reboot Sonos speakers, then Sirius works on Sonos but it knocks me off of Alexa. If I had to. choose, I want to use Sonos system but I really would like to use both platforms. PLEASE HELP!

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@melgfoster Thank you for reaching out us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. There had been an ongoing issue with SiriusXM’s service. Is this issue still presenting for you? I was able to see a diagnostic report number history showing your Sonos products have not been re-booted in 30+ days. After removing and adding the skill in the Amazon app what other troubleshooting steps have you taken? This may be an issue with an account mismatch with Amazon and the Alexa app. Do you have any other Amazon voice enable products at this location? What happens if you try to control the music using the Sonos app under browse?

We will also need your full network topology with the model names and numbers of the products that are wired or wirelessly connected on your network for any modem, router(s), extenders, access points or switches (managed or unmanaged). You will also want to address what you can reduce as wifi interference in the environment whether it is with wifi equipment or where you have products placed or sitting on or near based on what is showing in your diagnostic report history.

You may want to call back in and have our agents walk you through with real-time testing, as well as they will have more tools available to them to assist you further. Lastly, have you tried removing the SiriusXM service from both your Sonos system and the Alexa app under music or music and media. You would then login to your SiriusXM account online and update the account password then re-add the music service back to your Sonos system and add it back in the Alexa app. You can follow up here with testing step results along with an updated diagnostic report number.